Wednesday Wants

There was a time when I was really good at stocking up on little luxuries like these fabulous smelling candles.  Now that I've just burned down the final bit of wick on my last one, I'm realizing it's time to re-order.  It's so nice to have mini indulgences around the house.  A stash of high end chocolates, wonderful scented candles, luxuriously plush socks...these are all on my mind today. The kind of personal little pick me ups that help you sail through life's stresses a little smoother. What little extras do you like to stock up on? I'm always looking for some new little treats!

Baies candle found here.


  1. lovely.. adore the styling too! so simple and classic! xo

  2. All of the above and fresh favorite indulgence!!

  3. Oh yes, Sue! Scented Candles and Soaps! A luxurious hand cream.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series

  4. Wearing my plush socks as we speak...leopard print...even better. :)


  5. Good-smelling candles and luxurious soaps are a must in our home. I also love fresh flowers about, and an iced tea in a fabulous tumbler on hand. You've inspired me to add a little extra decadence to my day...thanks for sharing!

  6. when I'm feeling low I'll go and get bath products from Lush to fill my bathroom (they make the room smell amazing even when not being used) and some colorful little bowls from anthrpologie. Amazing what some little bowls can do for me!


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