Introducing MP Designs

I'm thrilled to introduce this amazing jewelry! Right now, has the online exclusive to mp designs, a brand new line started by my friend Michele and her friend Pam.  Before moving to the burbs to raise her family, Michele was a stylist in New York City and at one time even had her own line of children's clothes at Barney's New York. This lady knows style and around here, is known for her great style.  These shots were taken at a recent trunk show hosted by Calypso in Westport, but you can now check out mp designs over at
Also worth mentioning are some fab sites that gave some amazing shout outs this week!
Great big thanks to these top notch blogs and sites!

Beau Vie

 mighty junior
The Pursuit Of Style

And, finally...also worth mentioning, is the guest post I did for Lauren over at her blog. It's one of those fun "what's in your bag?" posts, and it took me hours to clean up my act before I could take just one photo.  If you can relate, swing by to see the super organized contents that I now tote around!


  1. I'm loving MP designs, very much. They remind me of the Caribbean, where I'm from. I'd wear these in a heartbeat with my maxi dresses and kaftans for some serious summer style.

    Lisa x

  2. This jewelry is quite stunning! Love the mix of colors in the stones. Hope you are having a wonderful summer! -Al

  3. This jewelry is amazing! I love anything with natural stones!
    Great taste!


  4. Love the jewels! Especially the two tone beaded chains - totally unique. And how exciting that you have the exclusive!


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