Book Review: The First Apartment Book

When 27 year old decorating prodigy Kyle Schuneman's book, The First Apartment Book: Cool Designs For Small Spaces arrived in the mail the other day, I was super excited to crack it open and have a look inside.  Full of bold vibrant photos, I found this book to be so full of inspiration...I wish it was around when I was moving in to my first apartment!  Even if you're not new to the home-owner party, this book holds a lot of practical and fun ideas for organization and multi-functional decor. I'm thrilled to add The First Apartment Book, to my growing collection of beautiful shelter and design books.

c/o: Crown Publishing Group


  1. It seems like the perfect present for that recent grad.

  2. So pretty! If only I didn't rent...

  3. This sounds like something I would love to read -- adding it to my "Books" list on Pinterest. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Anonymous9/03/2012

    What a terrifioc book, and at a reasonable price. I saved hundreds, and I've just started decorating my new apartment.



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