Dirty Little Secret

My friend recently complimented me on my "second day" hair.  Meaning, my hair looked good the second day after I had it blown out.  Truth be told, with my somewhat fine and very dry hair, I always try to get at least three days out of a good blow out before washing it again. A trick I learned several years ago from a top New York City stylist.  She assured me that this was common practice in Europe and that most American women over strip their hair by washing it too often.  If I think my hair needs some freshening up, I'll hit up my locks with some dry shampoo. This one from Serge Normant smells the best out of all that I've tried.  While we're on the topic, this silk pillowcase is another really helpful tip! Great for keeping that first day coif intact way into day three, it also keeps your face looking super fresh too!


  1. Dry shampoo is the worlds biggest life saver. LOVE! I need to get a better brand though, may need to try this one.

    xoxo Jessica

  2. I have got to stop washing my hair everyday!!! Might just be able to with these great tips. And, your hair always looks gorgeous, btw!!

    xoxo E

  3. I use Catwalk and I had to get used to the smell....but I LOVE the product.....may have to try this out. PS--Haven't forgotten about your email....just waiting on an answer!


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