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I still haven't really began to shop for least not in full force.  However, I have been making a mental list of chic items that I know will look great now and a few seasons from now as well. Like this sharp white blouse by Derek Lam.  Not only do I love the shape and the tie neck, but those black leather cuffs really take it to the next level.  It's stylish little details, like the purple sides of this fab striped tote by Fendi, that really win me over every time.  Also winning my heart, have you seen the scarves from this brand new site? A. Barclay not only has super chic wraps, stoles and scarves, but it's whole "give back" concept is helping orphanages in Tanzania, amazing, right? And, totally shifting gears, I'm so hooked into Bravo's latest show, "Gallery Girls." I know, don't's my newest guilty pleasure.


  1. I am NOT looking forward to being pregnant and looking for fall clothes! Summer was SOOO easy!

  2. Those scarfs are insane! Especially the horse one! I had never heard of A. Barclay-what great shop-it's got to be good with that zebra logo!

  3. Yes!!! I saw those scarves on the Vault a few days ago and have fallen in love as well. ANd that pink and red was one of my favorites too!! Great minds...!!

  4. Love the Derek Lam shirt too, and yes we watch Gallery Girls in our house right after The Real Housewives Of NYC! Have a great Labor Day Weekend!!!

  5. You picked a couple of my current favorites - Derek Lam's tailored modern classics and Fendi bags - they have some great styles!


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