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I haven't seen a movie in a theatre in ages, but these two new films look and sound promising enough for me to want to book a sitter and make the move.  Last month, I met a lady who smelled so great that I just had to ask her what she was wearing, when I learned it was Chanel No. 19, I was surprised, mostly because I'd never heard of it.  Seeing that it comes in the same iconic bottle as No. 5 (which I don't really care for) has me even more intrigued.  On the hunt for a subtle sheer shade of pink nail polish, I picked up this one called P.Y.T, later I learned it was designed with Zac Posen, pretty cool. Finally, this bracelet over at Bauble Bar caught my eye, seems I can't get enough of fun beaded, stretchy bracelets.


  1. Definitely go see Liberal Arts! Saw it this past week, and it might actually be my new favorite movie! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    mk (& Gwynnie too)

  2. I used to wear Chanel No. 19 years ago (we won't discuss how many years) - I also used to like Cristalle. While I adore the movies, I haven't been to the theater for quite a while either - maybe we should get the girls together...

  3. I will let you know about liberal arts...I'm seeing that today...I cannot wait...I love him as an actor and curious about her.

  4. I might have to go to the movies this weekend! Have a great one!

  5. I think I'd like to see these movies based on the posters alone. Together they make a great color story!


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