Gold Touch

Have you seen AERIN'S new offerings yet? In the small chance you haven't heard, Aerin Lauder is spinning into a lifestyle niche and making a new name for herself. After years of serving as the creative director for her family's brand Estee Lauder, Aerin decided to branch out into new territory. AERIN'S products have started to reach the market place. From the small sampling available at Neiman Marcus, I'm already full on obsessed with this gold match strike. Not to mention the sweetest little gold artichokes...


  1. I am so excited you posted a few of her pieces. I knew she was launching home goods, but hadn't had a chance to look at any yet. I love those matches, too!

  2. Will certainly check it out! always looking for a great new design source!

  3. Hi !!! That looks like artichokes to me, not acorns. I should know as I am the Uptown Acorn. LOL.

  4. Ron, you are absolutely right! What on earth was I thinking? Maybe I just wanted them to be acorns....hmmm....

  5. I love her - such style! I didn't know she had anything out yet for the home, but I am loving the cosmetics line.

  6. So am I! Really great!


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