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Just back from a quick jaunt down to Florida for the holiday weekend, where I second guessed every design decision made on our vacation home so far.  It's a challenge trying to sort out the decor long distance, measuring and then re-measuring, and then sweating every detail back here, in New York.  (I know, boo-hoo for me) I've made a few mistakes already, nothing too major, however, I don't want to screw up anything else... Inspiration helps a lot, it's such an overused word, but it's really everything to someone like me, starting from scratch and trying to get it right.  Today, staring at these images by Burnham Design, it's more than just the sum of these parts that I'm trying to duplicate here, it's really the "whole laid back yet still very chic" vibe...


  1. Soooo very hard to decorate from afar, but I just know it will turn out great! Xxx, Lynn from Decor Arts Now

  2. I adore Betsy's work and she herself exudes the same laid back chic as her designs!! I'll bet Florida looks great - so easy to be hard on yourself!!

  3. I am drooling over those sconces!!! xx

  4. The first three images are beautiful. That dining table is stunning. It's ok to make decorating mistakes....I feel like sometimes they bring originality to the room...well, depending on what it is.....but I find mostly you can work around them.

  5. Love all the spaces Sue! The geometric pattern on the walls and built-ins are fabulous, a touch of 50's mod!

  6. We doubt your decor mistakes are even noticeable - after all, we're our own biggest critics, right? Can't wait to see your place in Florida in person (hint, hint!)
    C + C

  7. Love that orange coral and the tortoise shell chandelier...all beautiful inspiration for what will be a beautiful home I am sure


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