Wednesday Wants

Today I'm sharing a great pre-party prep tip. What started out as a way to prepare our home for holiday entertaining has now turned into a year round purchase...paper hand towels (also known as guest towels).  Not only do these products come in an endless array of great looking patterns, colors and even monograms, but they're such a cleaner alternative to traditional (communal) terrycloth towels.  I love to stock up on different patterns and change out the look from time to time as seen above and below. There's a lovely tortoise shell print at Horchow that I've got my eye on next...Throw in a luxurious liquid soap pump (no fancy bar soaps here please) and your powder room is all set (and zhushed).  What quick fixes do you rely on during the busy holiday season?


  1. Where ever did you find that fab cork towel holder?

  2. I collect these all year long whenever I see a pattern or style that strikes my fancy!!

  3. So smart to get ready for holiday entertaining!!! I like to stock up on candles. I must burn a lot b/c I can't keep them in stock!!!

    xoxo E

  4. So smart and agree with Raina, that cork napkin holder adds all the difference!


  5. I need this! I cannot use our hand towels knowing our guests have used them. Love it!

  6. Hey Raina and Max, Thanks, the cork holder is from Kim Seybert, a line that I carry in my shop, but sadly this holder (and the matching gold flecked tray, which is fabulous!) is discontinued! Believe me I have tried...thanks again!

  7. It's a great idea! Chic and practical make it a winner to me!


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