Swiss Bliss

One thing that never makes me happy about winter is the lack of daylight during these upcoming months. I think the sun set yesterday at 4:58! This year, instead of just complaining and lapsing into my winter blues mode, I'm planning on doing a few things differently. For starters, I'm looking into getting one of those light therapy lamps.  I'm also going to embrace the "fake it until you make it" attitude towards winter, and see if I can find ways to "warm" up to this dark, cold season. Admiring this cozy, rustic chic hideaway in the Swiss Alps seems a good a start as any...(have any of you ever used one of these lights? are some better than others? and, why are they all so unattractive?)


  1. I loved loved this feature!!! I used to live in Switzerland in the summers but our alpine chalet never looked like this!!!

  2. I've never used one of those lights although I might have to look into it. I hate looking out my office window and its already dark.

  3. Wonderful Sue. I want to check out the light therapy lamps as well!
    Cozy images, I love Switzerland...

    Giveaway from Scalamandre

  4. Wow! Thank you for sharing this! I pinned several pictures! The woodwork is incredible!

  5. Beautiful home Sue! I totally know what you mean about feeling a little down when the sunlight is gone so early. I live an hour timezone behind you, so imagine it setting before 4:00...ahh! Havne't tried one of those lamps before. But good luck!


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