Walls That Speak

Debating on whether or not to turn one small hallway in our home into a full-on gallery installation. Naturally, I headed off to Pinterest and to Houzz, to get a better sense of how I'd want our walls to look.  After viewing endless ideas and inspiration, I can't remember which site it was that led me to C.W. Styling, but these options are all so pretty I'm glad I found them, regardless...


  1. I would say yes Sue, it would look so pretty with your sophisticated eye!

  2. I think it would be a lovely idea!! I love just can't go wrong....

  3. What perfect timing. I too am hanging and preparing my home for Thanksgiving. I do love a collection of art hung, especially in hallways. The Paul Smith store in NYC downtown has always inspired me. Framed collections of letters, artwork, mementos.

  4. Love gallery walls! A great way to express your design personality!

  5. So pretty, real, and completely doable. I love these images. Thanks for sharing!


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