Wednesday Wants

Gourmet gifts are absolutely one of my favorite type of gifts to give (and to receive! hint, hint). Topping the list of specialty seasonal foodie faves is this Biscotti Jar, from Freds, the restaurant at Barneys, New York.  The next best thing to meeting my friends for lunch in the city...not only are these treats a lovely way to enjoy a coffee or tea break, but once they're gone, there's that chic little glass jar to restock...  What's your favorite gourmet gift to give or receive?


  1. I often get edibles from Williams-Sonoma, but my favorite thing is to give baked goods that I make. I love to bake but can't eat it all! so I have to give it away. Have a great day Sue,
    xo Nancy

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  3. really good olive oil or balsamic vinegar :)

  4. Anonymous1/18/2013



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