Super Glam Glam

Have you been tuning into Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators?  Between all of the over the top interiors and the equally outrageous outbursts, I literally can't get enough of this show. In a recent episode, Martyn Lawrence Bullard declared "neutral is the new color!" and went on to re-design his Hollywood home in a more subdued palette. Bravo aired only a few brief glimpses of Martyn's "before and afters," which all looked pretty amazing, so I was thrilled to see more photos of Martyn's home in Elle Decor.  I think the results are outstanding and I especially love all those stunning pops of purple!


  1. Sue,
    The show is addicting, I wait each week for the new episode. Not sure how some of the designers get away with what they say to their clients...but I have to say the show is great!!

  2. I can't watch it. The designers are obnoxious egomaniacs--to the point that I don't care how talented they are.

  3. oh wow this house is gorgeous! that niche for the stove is so cool and love that black and white room with the striped ceiling. wow!

  4. I have GOT to check it out. somehow, I keep missing it. loved last season...donna

  5. Such a fun and exciting mix of patterns - the purple pops are awesome!

  6. loving the gray!! I like the mix of patterns too! There's a lot going on, but it somehow all works together!!!


  7. That outdoor space is AMAZING!!!!


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