Happenings At Zhush

Get to know Erica, the newest member of Team Zhush!  A recent graduate of Fordham University, Erica is now here most days helping out behind the scenes, we thought it might be fun to get to know her a bit...I asked Erica to tell us about her faves:
color: purple (good choice!)
sites: Perez Hilton and Popsugar (all the Sugars, actually!)
food: chocolate
music: Maroon 5
TV: Gilmore Girls
And, here are Erica's top three faves: tassel necklace, retro mod frames, monogram necklaceThanks Erica!
Speaking of faves...bloggers that feature our wares are always our faves~big thanks to these fab sites!


Random Chanel Item No. 130

And, now for some outfit inspiration of a different variety!  Whether your celebrating this weekend, Wednesday, next weekend~or throughout all three, hope you have a great and safe Holiday!

July Fourth Outfit Inspiration

With the actual July 4th holiday falling on Wednesday this year, I'm finding myself a bit confused.  We're still figuring out our plans...are you celebrating this weekend or next? One thing that I am certain about is what I'll be wearing (regardless of which weekend!) Updated classics are always a sure thing!


Obsession Du Jour: Matthew Heller

I've been meaning to write about artist Matthew Heller, for quite some time. After the amount of emails inquiring about the artwork seen here in our living room in the HGTV Magazine feature, I thought now seemed liked the right time.  Roughly three years ago, I was looking everywhere for the perfect piece of art to hang over our living room couch and had also recently started this blog.  At the time, I was doing a little series called "lyrical lovelies," matching song lyrics with interior images.  Music and design are two passions of mine, and it was a fun little creative excersise. So, when I stumbled across Matthew's work in a magazine article on Molly Sim's apartment, (the image below) it gave me full on goosebumps!  Minutes later I was on Matthew's site and by that evening emailing him some song requests.  Initially, I had hoped to have Guns and Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" but the size of the piece and the cost were prohibitive... Paul McCartney's "Black Bird" immediately came to mind next, as it's a classic song that my husband and I both really love.  Three years later, the lyrics and the art still speak to me. This post should really read: obsession la vie...


Tangled Up In Blue

I recently discovered this stunningly tranquil painting by Mary Warsop, and was immediately reminded of a tried and true designer trick.  Pull colors from a painting and accessorize accordingly.  The coordinated bursts of color throughout a room will make the interior look pulled together in a very chic and intentional way.  This same tip works well with rugs too!  Do you like to accent rooms with color?

1. agate clock
2. Waylande Gregory turquoise Asia small bullet bowl
3. agate frame
4. Waylande Gregory greek key box
5. Retro-Mod frames
6. monogram pillow
7. monogram pillow
8. artifacts bowl
9. agate votive
10. acrylic tray
11. Sister Parish tray
12. Waylande Gregory greek key square tray

Wednesday Wants

I've literally been looking everywhere for a starburst mirror to hang in our guest bedroom in Florida.  I'm thrilled to say that I've finally found a super stylish option that's also the right price and the right size!  Now it's just a question of whether I'm going to hang just one, centered above the headboard...or go with two, one above each nightstand, just like I did in my daughter's room...thoughts?

Find this mirror here.


Style Secrets

Now that the excitement from having our home featured in the June/July issue of HGTV Magazine has almost died down for us, I've gone ahead and purchased Details: A Stylist's Secrets To Creating Inspiring Interiors as a keepsake of this special time.  You may remember from this post when I mentioned that HGTV Magazine sent the dream team of Lili Diallo and Annie Schlecter to our home, (I still can't believe they were both here for two days this past winter!)  Not only will I cherish this book for the memories of our shoot here, but I know I'll be referencing it often for all the inspiring ideas Lili's keen stylist's eye is known for and all the amazing images Annie Schlecter has captured.
Images via: Lili Diallo, City Sage, BiggerBooks

Thank You Matchbook Magazine!

Thrilled to see our Swiss Dot Pie Servers featured in this month's Matchbook Magazine!  Not only are these darling utensils a personal fave, but the idea of a picnic with acrylic flutes and pink champagne is right up my ally! Thanks for all the inspiration Matchbook!


One Thing

The thing with Pinterest, at least for me, is that one thing always leads to another.  Like this image above.  I've got one bathroom in Florida left to finish, so naturally, this photo caught my attention immediately. The next thing I knew I was on the site of Graciela Rutkowski Interiors and literally delighting in each and every aspect of every single interior.  Not only did I recognize at least half of the decor accents in these spaces as the very same ones we sell here at, but even the ones we don't sell, I recognize because I personally own so many of them! Pinterest is constantly leading me in all different directions and usually rather far from my original you find this as well?

Monday's P.O.P.

perpetually purple

Image via: AskPatrick


Happenings At Zhush

Blame it on the long, warm days of summer...we can't help but be inspired by all "bright little things" pink right now.  From the palest baby pastel shades right on up to deep coral hues, we're thinking pink for summer 2012! 
What color has your number these days?

  1. pillow                                            6. agate votive
      2. monogram necklace                      7. coral necklace
 3. bling piggy bank                            8. pinch bowl
        4. zig zag clutch                                9. retro iPad cover
                      5. leather tassel key fob                   10. monogram throw pillow

And, great big thanks to these top notch blogs for featuring items from this week!

Be sure to check out our sale section and our new arrivals section too! For even more inspiration, follow The Zhush on Pinterest! Happy Weekend everyone!


Random Chanel Item No. 129

I'm more than ready to roll into the first official weekend of summer! Thanks so much to StarletStarlet of Can You Come Home, for sending this random craziness my way.  Hope your weekend's like a sweet, pimped out ride.
Have a great one!

If This Blog Were A Room...

Ever wonder what my blog would look like as an interior?  Amber of Simple Dwellings has, in fact, it's a series and she asked me to participate. Come click over and have a look around!


Chic Ideas: Kids Rooms With Style

I'm fully ensconced in kid's room design mode. Working out the decor of two rooms in Florida, plus planning a re-do for my middle child's bedroom here in New York, I'm more than happy to have stumbled across the inspiring site of designer Erinn Valenchich  (thank you Twitter!) I love how these rooms seem so chic yet still so playful and light hearted, all at once!  For more creative inspiration, check out Erin's full portfolio here.


Thank You Westchester Home Magazine!

It was a thrill to open my mail box earlier this week and see featured on page 22 in Westchester Home Magazine!  In the event that you don't live in the Westchester, New York area, I thought I'd share this fun piece of press here today.  You can check out the full article here.

Wednesday Wants

There was a time when I was really good at stocking up on little luxuries like these fabulous smelling candles.  Now that I've just burned down the final bit of wick on my last one, I'm realizing it's time to re-order.  It's so nice to have mini indulgences around the house.  A stash of high end chocolates, wonderful scented candles, luxuriously plush socks...these are all on my mind today. The kind of personal little pick me ups that help you sail through life's stresses a little smoother. What little extras do you like to stock up on? I'm always looking for some new little treats!

Baies candle found here.


This House

This house haunts me, but in a very good way. After first appearing in C Magazine, this house has been all over the internet, but I couldn't resist sharing it here today.  This house is the Hollywood home of Jacqui Getty and has inspired me in so many ways.  I'm really so into the whole vibe of this house and have been studying every last detail like its my job!


Progress Peeks: Our Florida House

We're back from a lovely week in Florida! You might remember this post, where I first gave little glimpses into our vacation home. Today, I happily have a few more peeks of the progress that we're making.  For starters, we've gotten some mirrors (like this Jonathan Adler one above) and some art onto our stark white walls.  Our new piece by local artist Cheryl Maeder, makes me smile every time I enter the room.  Speaking of smiles,  blue zebrine wallpaper by Rose Cummings, now graces our guest bathroom walls and ceiling!  Beach inspired sconces, by Moth Designs were hung as well, and we made a lot of headway in our children's rooms too. All of these shots were taken on Instagram, an absolute obsession for me, this app is perfect for my always have my phone, but never my camera self!  So far, zhushing up this house has been a lot of fun, I'm getting to utilize many of the pieces and ideas I've written about here for years!

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