A Sage Decision

I first heard about the beautiful interiors designed by Katherine Hodge at Sage Design, from my friends over at Diane James Home.  At the time, I remember looking at this designer's extensive and alluring portfolio and admiring every single image.  So, when I recently came across the stunning, light filled bathroom (pictured above and below) that won best bath design in the Cottages and Gardens 2012 Innovation in Design Awards, I was not surprised to learn that this too was the work of Sage Design.  It was really hard to limit this post to only a few images, as the extent of lovely rooms by this design firm is clearly not just defined by amazing baths...


Video Lookbook Debut!

Video Lookbook from zhush on Vimeo. made a video! Please watch it, it's less than a minute long. It's our very first. There's been a lot of buzz about "what's next" video the next big thing? I have no idea. You know what else I don't know? How to make a video! Good thing I know Ben Klein, he's off to NYU Film School this fall, so he knows a thing or two. Thanks Ben!
Music:Imagination Dragon "It's Time"

Monday's P.O.P.

primps + purple petals



I almost never blog about "blogging" but I did want to take a moment and thank these two thoughtful ladies that have recently both given me and a lot of lovely write ups and posts lately.  Since these two blogs (not my favorite word, let's work on a new one, k?) are heavy on my personal reading rotation, I've just updated my blog's link list to reflect this.  And, speaking of blog roll updates, it's been too long since I've really updated this one, so I've also included these amazing blogs below, as they are all fast becoming must reads for me!  Finally, speaking of blog rolls in general, I can still name the first few blogs that thought to include The Zhush on their's a big deal since this is the best way to gain an audience, especially for new blogs.  So...if you have a "like-minded" blog and want to exchange links, please either leave a comment or send me an email!  No one likes a stale blog roll, especially me!


Random Chanel Item No. 134

New York has been tropical lately! This is one hot and sticky summer, but I'm really not complaining. I mean,  I could live without the sticky part, unless we're talking about these fabulous stickers...then I'm all in!  Have an exceedingly cool weekend everyone!
Image: Found here: 23 Madison Studio and first discovered here: The Neo Trad

Picks, Pins + Pines

wallpaper | bronzing powder | bowl | book | drink | earrings | ring

Here's everything I'm obsessed with this week!  Starting with Hermes wallpaper! I had no idea that Hermes made wallpaper...the prints are really great. Even more fun is the website that lets you pick your favorites and paper a little portion of your computer screen, the cursor turns into a glue brush and all...big fun if your stuck on hold with your bank (like I was, this is a screen shot of my top 3 picks).  Speaking of things I didn't know about...Pucci bronzer?!  I love Guerlain's line of bronzers and the packaging on this so appealing, I'm betting by the time I hit publish this sweet little compact blush and bronzer combo will be on it's way to me.  Browsing around the home department at Barney's I spotted this lovely glass bowl.  The swirl of colors and the mottled yet smooth quality of this piece remind me of candy, I love it! Steven Gambrel's designs are top notch in my book, so I think I absolutely need to own this book.  Summer evenings and margaritas are made for each other, after sampling about 17 different varieties of this drink, I found the quintessential one. Try this recipe this weekend, it's perfection.  Finally, from demure and dainty studs to gold and chunky cocktail rings, everything and anything turquoise is catching my eye lately...what's catching yours?


Hooray For Dumpster Day

In my never ending quest to get uber organized, I've ordered a small dumpster to be delivered here today.  The stuff that piles up in our house, is nothing short of amazing...rusted old broken toys, games with missing pieces, torn old ratty notebooks, the list goes on forever.  Spare interior features like this one from Country Living, inspire me to round up all the extraneous clutter and get down to the bare basics.  I love how this home is so sparse and yet still so warm.  I don't know if this is considered modern rustic, or maybe it's neo country...the only labels I'm interested in right now are the ones that read: "donate", "keep" and "toss."


Photo Synthesis

Synthesis can be defined as the coming together of two ideas to form a theory. Clearly, we can all agree that when you combine amazing architecture with incredible landscape design, you get some jaw dropping and truly inspiring photos. We don't need to be objective scientists to conclude that J. Dabney Peeples Design Associates, the group responsible for these stunning images, knows how to pull together some truly beautiful properties.

Wednesday Wants

With the temps so high this summer, my three kids have been doing a lot of swimming.  Three kids times swimming everyday, sometimes twice a day, equals...a lot of towels.  OK, I'm not a math whiz, but I do know a good deal when I see it...these adorable plush towels at Target! Cute and summery towels and less laundry, that's what I'm wanting today.

Flamingo towels found here.


Location Vocation

Over the weekend, Mr. Zhush and I downloaded a movie that held so much promise, but simply did not  deliver on any level.  (Don't you hate that?)  The plot was so formulaic and boring it wasn't holding my attention at all, so naturally I started to focus on the interiors instead.  By the time the film ended I was obsessed with the whole concept of location scouting for films and commercials...that has to be one of the coolest jobs around.  A few quick clicks and I was on the home page of 1st Option, an agency for fabulous British homes just waiting to be discovered by Hollywood. Here's a little sample of some of the more dramatic scenes...
Images via: 1stOption


Aerin's World

Today, I'm feeling completely inspired by Aerin Lauder.  If you haven't already checked out her new site, I highly recommend that you do.  This lady's seemingly approachable style and grace have inspired for me years now, so I was excited to see the direction that she will be taking her new company.  I especially love the "behind the scenes" section of the site and the part dedicated to her grandmother, Estée. Aerin recalls how her grandmother truly believed in the importance of following your dream and working hard to achieve it. This quote, in particular, from the cosmetics maven is exactly the type of motivation needed on a Monday: 
“Whatever you do, do it well with dedication and passion.” 

Monday's P.O.P.

pinworthy purple pillow

Image via: TraditionalHome


Random Chanel Item No. 133

I was over on Etsy, minding my own business, when seemingly out of the blue I stumbled upon this! I mean, if you could've seen the thought bubble over my head at that moment..."surprise! followed by the biggest, yet ever-so-slightest evil grin!"  Here's hoping all our weekends produce the same sort of reaction!  Cheers!

Image via:  BrilliantBashes

Did You Know...

Hey, did you know that if you remove the paper book jacket on Jan Showers' Glamorous's actually covered in a fabulous leopard print?!! (Which lends the perfect backdrop for a gold wishbone).  For more fun ways to zhush a space with books, please check out my guest post today over at The Girls Of Lincoln Park!

Picks, Pins + Pines

Here's this week's round up of what I'm picking, pinning and pine-ing for!  I've been staring at the work of artist Isac Greenfield Sanders, all day/'s endlessly inspiring.  This light fixture, also a work of art, is calling my name in a major way.  Summer shoe sales are popping up everywhere, but nothing compares to the one going on now at Barneys, where I just scored these beauties.  It took me halfway through summer, but I finally found a great beach read!  Warby-Parker as a company amazes me...these retro-chic sunnies need to me mine.  Finally, I discovered this compelling little guy over at ABC Carpet, can't think of one spot that he wouldn't look cool, can you?


Summer Lovin'

I'm guest posting over at Long Distance Loving today.  Please click on over to check out my post on a cool summer treat...thanks!

bracelet found here: NeimanMarcus

A Neutral Retreat

I think I'm on sensory overload. Viewing multiple sites for new items for the store almost daily, plus scouting the web for blog ideas, updating our lookbook, not to mention all the online summer sales I've been personally stalking...Today, I'm craving quiet spaces and tones.  A muted color palette in a house can really create such an inviting oasis. Soft colors and textures seem to work together beautifully, giving off a vibe of comfort and calm.
L. Pearson design via LuxeMagazine
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