Random Chanel Item No. 139

Labor Day Weekend, it's always so bittersweet. I'm never ready for summer to end...beaches, sunshine, pool time and of course barbeques! Although it's the official unofficial last weekend of the season, we'll be squeezing every last second out of summer... and then some! Enjoy!
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Picks, Pins + Pines

I still haven't really began to shop for least not in full force.  However, I have been making a mental list of chic items that I know will look great now and a few seasons from now as well. Like this sharp white blouse by Derek Lam.  Not only do I love the shape and the tie neck, but those black leather cuffs really take it to the next level.  It's stylish little details, like the purple sides of this fab striped tote by Fendi, that really win me over every time.  Also winning my heart, have you seen the scarves from this brand new site? A. Barclay not only has super chic wraps, stoles and scarves, but it's whole "give back" concept is helping orphanages in Tanzania, amazing, right? And, totally shifting gears, I'm so hooked into Bravo's latest show, "Gallery Girls." I know, don't's my newest guilty pleasure.


Garden Views

Poking around Deborah Nevins' magnificent landscape architectural portfolio, I came across the designer's own home, published in House and Garden back in 2005.  As expected, it's brimming with plants and cuttings. According to the article, Ms. Nevins objective for her space, was to create the mood of an indoor orangerie. She clearly captured that vibe here, and to great effect.


Getting It Done

Meg Biram, has a great series on her popular blog, Mimi+Meg, all about "getting stuff done."  It's interesting and often helpful to see how others tackle their emails, projects and daily array of tasks.  So, when Meg asked me to participate, I immediately added it to the top of my "to do" list. You can check it all out here.

Wednesday Wants

I'll tell ya' what I want, what I really, really want...a week's worth of sleep! OK, truthfully, I'd settle for a weekend's worth, but since lazy, late mornings are few and far between around here, I'm willing to try to fake it until I can make this happen on the daily.  I've heard great things about this little product from Kiehl's, and my tired reflection is telling me it's time to find out if they're true. 


The King Of Color

Seeing this Manhattan apartment in Architectural Digest recently, reminded me why Jamie Drake, is widely known as the "King of Color." I love the exuberant use of bright purple and blue in this space.  Mr. Drake, has the ability to create sophisticated and serene environments with colors that could potentially look juvenile or chaotic.  When it comes to your own home, do you go bold and brave with interior color choices?


Organic Glamour

The stylish ladies from Pimlico have designed many of my close friends' homes and I can tell you that each space is personal and stunning.  These are a few examples of some of the lovely interiors by Melissa Lindsay.  But, what I love most about the Pimlico duo of Melissa and Jill is that their store (which I mentioned briefly on Friday) is chock full of all their fabulous picks.  If you ever find yourself in New Canaan, Connecticut, be sure to stop by Pimlico for a big dose of chic.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple pup


Random Chanel Item No. 138

Chalk it up to boredom, or maybe it's just the lack of a regular routine and schedule, but I think we're  ALL ready for school to start over here at chez zhush.  I'll probably regret these words in about two weeks, being the homework police is not my favorite job.  Here's to lazy last lovely days! Happy Weekend!

Picks, Pins + Pines

After seeing this fabulous Paule Marrot piece in one of my favorite shops in New Canaan (Pimlico) I'm convinced it would look amazing over the couch in our Florida living room. It's got the exact light and breezy vibe that I'm going for.  I also just love this bowl for the center of our kitchen table.  Designed by architects, its worth reading about out over on the DWR site.  You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but that's exactly what I did with Fashion and Art Collusion, but now that I've peeked inside, I love it even more (dvd +posters!).  Finally, I'm heading into New York next week to do some serious fall shopping. My first stop will be Barneys, and while I'm there I plan to try out this lipstick and smell this perfume...based on just the look of this bottle, I'm thinking it must be fantastic, no?


Eat Well + Flourish

This summer, I had a very specific goal: maintain a healthier diet.  While I've made several improvements to my eating habits... (we now have a little vegetable garden) I admittedly have a long way to go.  Combine this new found determination with my absolute love for Maira Kalman's illustrations (obsessed!) and it seems only fitting that this book, Food Rules, an eaters manual by Michael Pollan with illustrations by Maira Kalman, should find it's way into my hands.  While I await the UPS truck to bring this lovely new purchase to my door this week, I thought I'd share some of the images from what I'm sure will be my new favorite food book.


Dirty Little Secret

My friend recently complimented me on my "second day" hair.  Meaning, my hair looked good the second day after I had it blown out.  Truth be told, with my somewhat fine and very dry hair, I always try to get at least three days out of a good blow out before washing it again. A trick I learned several years ago from a top New York City stylist.  She assured me that this was common practice in Europe and that most American women over strip their hair by washing it too often.  If I think my hair needs some freshening up, I'll hit up my locks with some dry shampoo. This one from Serge Normant smells the best out of all that I've tried.  While we're on the topic, this silk pillowcase is another really helpful tip! Great for keeping that first day coif intact way into day three, it also keeps your face looking super fresh too!

Wednesday Wants

I'm having one of those weeks where I'm constantly on the phone with a bank or insurance company and the only words I've actually exchanged with my friends have all been through texts!  Wouldn't it be nice if we could somehow switch this scenario around?  In this techno age, it's so nice to get a handwritten note every now and then.  Today, I'm stocking up on my depleted stationery stash, with these simple and chic cards (found via internet natch) over at Kate Spade.


Spot On

Maybe it's because polka dots always seem like such a happy print, or maybe it's because I was just in J.Crew this afternoon ogling several pairs of fun spotted socks, but I'm really digging the whole dot trend for fall.  These adorable accessories are calling my name...for more fall fashion picks (and a few more spots) please stop by A Little Dash of Ash, where I'm guest posting about my "Five Faves For Fall"!

Inspired By Tiffany Eastman Interiors

The first time I'd ever seen the work of Tiffany Eastman Interiors was in last winter's New England Home magazine, and it was this photo above that stopped me in my tracks.  Since then, I've gone back to look at this firm's stylish designs countless times. In fact, many of the images from Ms. Eastman's portfolio have served as a source of inspiration for our house in Florida. Which brings me to this question...does anyone know where this fabulous coffee table in the image below is from? (I'm thinking it might be Plexicraft?). This table is exactly what I've been searching for!


Peeking Into Designer's Homes

Pushing the envelope in decor can be tricky, but for those that achieve that perfect balance of mixed up styles and color combos, the results are always so inspiring.  Like this London townhouse belonging to Kit and Tim Kemp, the designer duo behind the Firmdale Hotel group.  A personal all time favorite of mine...colorful, eclectic design at its very best.

Monday's P.O.P.

perky purple

Image via: ElleDecor


Random Chanel Item No. 137

Cheers to another summer weekend! Let's enjoy them while we still can!

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Picks, Pins + Pines

Fall, as much as I hate to admit it, is right around the corner, so I've got fashion on my mind...I might not jump on every single trend, but I do love to follow them all.  And, it's always interesting to see fashion influencing home design (and sometimes vice versa).  Color blocking has clearly reached the decor industry, and I just can't get enough of these petite Murano glass bowls, the color combos are so chic!  Speaking of chic, polka dots for next season in flattering jewel tones like this fabulous silk top from Joie, LOVE!  Along with fall foliage and fabulous fashion, New York gets a lot of rain in the fall...a lot.  Despite always admiring bubble umbrellas, I've never managed to own one, that's about to change with this uber sweet version by Felix Rey. I like to mix things up and temper my sweet picks with a few accessories that are slightly edgy, like these eye catching earrings that I can't stop thinking about over at Shopbop.  Finally, bringing things full circle, cap toe shoes (which are a form of color blocking, right?) have been trending for a while now, and I'm glad to see this spiffy look get a cold weather update for next season with some amazing new boot designs, like this option from Loeffler Randall.


Book Review: The First Apartment Book

When 27 year old decorating prodigy Kyle Schuneman's book, The First Apartment Book: Cool Designs For Small Spaces arrived in the mail the other day, I was super excited to crack it open and have a look inside.  Full of bold vibrant photos, I found this book to be so full of inspiration...I wish it was around when I was moving in to my first apartment!  Even if you're not new to the home-owner party, this book holds a lot of practical and fun ideas for organization and multi-functional decor. I'm thrilled to add The First Apartment Book, to my growing collection of beautiful shelter and design books.


Racing Stripes

Sometimes I'll notice a pattern in my "pins"...and it seems that lately, I'm drawn to everything and anything with racing stripes painted down the middle.  So, what's got your heart racing these days?

Wednesday Wants

Today's "want" is inspired by these hot, humid August days.  We received a Zoku quick pop maker as a gift and I can tell you this little device is the coolest...literally and figuratively.  My kids use this (on their own!) to make healthy frozen fruit and juice pops. The varieties and flavors are as endless as your imagination.  It's easy, creative, summer time fun, what could be better than that?


Day Trippers

Yesterday it was the tip of Long Island, and today it's Long Island's barrier island. Clearly I have the Atlantic beaches on my brain.  So much so, that by the time this post publishes, my husband and I are going to be on an early morning ferry out to Fire Island, New York.  I'm leaving you with these images from 2010, when Country Living featured the fire island home of Alex Bates, who was the head of design at West Elm.  The easy, laid back quality of this beach house, really captures everything that I adore about this special island.  There are literally no cars allowed, which makes the place feel so relaxed...walking, biking, little red wagons and the occasional water taxi are the only means of transportation on this quaint oasis.  This unique beach community is also incredibly sentimental to us, it's where my husband and I first met, so many summers ago...


"the end"

Located as the tip of Long Island's South Fork, the easternmost point of Long Island, Montauk, New York is affectionately known as "the end."  Due to this area's surfer laid back vibe, it's also often thought of as the "anti-Hamptons."  Call it whatever you want, when I see stunning photos of beach houses like this one by Robert Young Architecture, all I can think is "beautiful!"

Monday's P.O.P.

pretty powerful purple

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Random Chanel Item No. 136

So happy to be near the finish line on this week!  Was I the only one who MISSED seeing Sanya Richards-Ross win the gold, AND spotting her fab Chanel earrings as well? Big thanks to Julie of Styled Things (and her eagle eyes) for sending this exuberant moment to me.  Maybe Chanel earrings are not that random, but when you consider that they're crossing the finish line into Olympic gold history, well that takes the cake (and the medal!) of randomness, right?  Gotta love a lady who takes her fashion as seriously as her athletic training...congrats Sanya! Wishing you all an Olympic sized weekend!

Picks, Pins + Pines

Here's my round up for this week: This darling clutch (now on sale!) first caught my eye on pinterest.  I love the bold punchy heart paired with the more reserved stripes.  Spotted this image by Jill Greenberg over on the blog, and I just could not stop staring.  Aquatic sports aren't really my thing, but after catching some of the Olympic synchronized swimming competitions, I'm now a full on convert...the pageantry and the effort involved in these routines is nothing less than amazing!  While looking for interesting and creative reads for my children, I ordered this book...and now I want to keep it all for myself (that happens sometimes). Finally, I can't really wrap my head around fall clothes with all this heat, but these new autumn nail polish colors seem easy (and pretty) enough to appreciate now. I'll be donning "Miss Fancy Pants" on my hands and "Headmistress" on my toes, and because I'm not too skilled with nail polish, I'm super excited about finding this product!


Reflections On Collections

Groupings of similar objects always look so compelling and chic.  I don't collect many things, unless you count coffee table books (and, just books in general) candles, silver frames, trays, perfume (especially in beautiful bottles) shells, and bits of white Ironstone pottery.  Really, what I mean is that I don't collect anything out of the ordinary.  When I was younger, I knew a family that collected vintage cookie jars and another that collected vintage lady head vases. This was back before the internet and ebay.  Collections like this represented years and years of weekends searching and scoring in flea markets and tag sales.  A collection was really a hobby of sorts, and I thought it would be cool to have a fun collection one day too.  Then I got older and the sport of the hunt seemed to have waned with the onset of the ease of e-commerce.  Just recently, my past desire to acquire has been reignited by these charming images from my latest design crush, the brother duo of Doug and Gene Meyer.  Meyers' bright and quirky vignettes have me rethinking...maybe a vintage lunch box collection, or fashion illustrations (in the kitchen!), glass match strikes, so many options! What, if anything, do you collect?


Let's Make Up

Perusing all the great new styles and fashions for fall has me thinking how I never, ever seem to really change up my beauty routine...specifically the makeup I wear.  Truth be told, any attempts at a cat-eye have me looking cockeyed, and anything more that a light pink gloss on my lips leaves me feeling garish and clown-like.  However, at the risk of being stuck in a rut, or even worst...a time warp, I think I might want to tweak my look just a bit this fall...

Wednesday Wants

Several months ago, I was given a gift card to one of my favorite department stores, Saks!  Sometimes when I get a gift card, especially if it's from a high end spot, I like to relish the whole experience and really take my time with my selection.  Every once in a while I would "window shop: the Saks site.  While there were always several dozen items that would catch my eye, I didn't want to spend the gift on a blouse or pair of shoes or anything that I might tire of in too short a time.  Then one day, it hit me...a new super plush white robe! It was just the sort of "comfort buy" I was searching for.  I knew it would fit, it wouldn't go out of style and I would wear it everyday fresh out of the shower.  The best part though was the monogram option, as you can see, I had a lot of fun with that!  My new luxe robe makes me smile every morning, (which is no easy feat)!


Obsession Du Jour: Michael Wells Photography

Back when our home was professionally photographed (you can see these posts here and here!) it was thrilling to watch the behind the scenes process go down.  I gained such an appreciation for everything that goes into creating great interior shots.  Perfect lighting, which leads to sunlight timing, prop-stylist tweaking, and often re-tweaking...not to mention the photographer's artistic sense of balance and proportion.  Photography portfolios are a constant source of artistic expression and insight...color combos, compelling vignettes, interesting layouts and angles, it's no wonder I'm obsessed with the photography of Michael Wells, obsessed!


The Comfort Zone

Whether your taste is more classic and traditional, contemporary modern, boho-eclectic or a mix of these and more, one thing we can all agree on is that a home should first and foremost be comfortable.  That's why I adore the interiors of Katie Leede and Company.  Not only does this firm consistently nail all the above mentioned styles so beautifully, but each and every space looks completely comfortable, liveable and real.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple pouf perfection

Image via: TheDecorista


Random Chanel Item No. 135

It never fails, whenever the Olympics come around, I feel like such a slacker, couch potato...probably because I am.  Regardless, raise your hand if you're feeling inspired by the Olympiads' endless athletic abilities...I'm tempted to lace up my sneakers this weekend and ya' know, just do it.  Have a gold one!

Picks, Pins + Pines

Has anyone seen any great movies lately? I haven't, which is why I'm super excited for both of these films, opening this week. Written by and starring two of my favorite actresses and both featuring two of my favorite male comics, I have such high hopes for both of these!  And, what would a great summer flick be without super sized snacking?  I only discovered these Ritter Sport bars a few months ago and they are like my candy cryptonite...why these are called "sport" is a mystery to me, maybe because if you don't carry on like an Olympic athlete 24/7 then you truly lack the metabolism required to consume them? What's not a mystery is my continuous love for Balenciaga bags~the best colors, the coolest hardware and the most supple leather ever (evah!) Back down to earth are these glam meets tailored bracelets spotted at J.Crew, an everyday piece that looks a lot more luxe than it is. Finally, Carnal Flower Brume Pour Cheveux, or to put it simply, fabulous smelling mist for your hair.


Small Joys

Isn't August just like "the Sunday" of summer? Here are a few small joys from my favorite season, as seen through my instagram lens: fresh ripe fruit, my children's daily camper crafts, roof top margaritas, vibrant bouquets, an organized closet completed during a thunderstorm~inspired by the double rainbow after a previous deluge, sweet little bunk notes, soft serve road trips, produce from our garden...There is so much to love about this season, I wish summer wouldn't go by so's to savoring every last moment this August.
(p.s.: are you as obsessed with instagram as I am? I'm at @zhush, where are you?)


Style Stalking: Ashley Goforth Design

Ashley Goforth Design is the focus of this month's style stalk.  I really appreciate the uncluttered approach to these glamorous rooms. Each space has a clean, relaxed feel to it that's not too overtly feminine or fussed over.  All in, smart and solid design with a nice balance of whimsy in the mix. 

Wednesday Wants

When maxi-dresses first started trending a few years ago, I wasn't really sure that this look would work for me for a number of reasons...but, this summer I've changed my mind.  I now appreciate the minimal effort required for these effortlessly chic pieces, provided I can find ones that are bra friendly, free of busy prints, and do not cost a fortune.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with these two options that I spied recently at Target.  Paired with some chic flat sandals and boho luxe accessories, I'll be ready for August in style. (August?!)
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