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Just wanted to take a few minutes to give a shout out to the blogs that have featured in the past few months.  These posts always lift me up and re-energize me, no joke.  I encourage you to click the banners and check them out, many of them are relatively new to the blog scene and worth a look and others are long time faves...Thanks so much!

If you're a blogger and have posted about, shoot me the link, I'd love to feature it in a thank you post!


Random Chanel Item No. 143

In case you missed my post this morning, today is our 16th wedding anniversary. Special days always seem a bit more festive when they fall on the weekend, don't they?  We plan to pop a few bottles tonight. Cheers to a celebratory weekend everyone.
Image via: ThePrettyHaze

Minor Obsessions

I haven't seen a movie in a theatre in ages, but these two new films look and sound promising enough for me to want to book a sitter and make the move.  Last month, I met a lady who smelled so great that I just had to ask her what she was wearing, when I learned it was Chanel No. 19, I was surprised, mostly because I'd never heard of it.  Seeing that it comes in the same iconic bottle as No. 5 (which I don't really care for) has me even more intrigued.  On the hunt for a subtle sheer shade of pink nail polish, I picked up this one called P.Y.T, later I learned it was designed with Zac Posen, pretty cool. Finally, this bracelet over at Bauble Bar caught my eye, seems I can't get enough of fun beaded, stretchy bracelets.

Sixteen Years Ago, Today

It was a beautiful night, and so far it's been a beautiful life. Happy Anniversary Mr. Zhush!
I'm happy at home
You're my best friend
Oh you're my best friend
Ooh you make me live
You you're my best friend


Design Defined

"Curated and collected", two of the biggest buzz words in design these days...when I see the work of Robert Stilin, I understand why.


Wednesday Wants

Spotting a fashion trend that you know you'd love to get on board with, is usually pretty easy.  Sometimes, finding a version of this trend that fits right and flatters can be a bit more of a challenge.  That's exactly what I felt when I started to see all the lace looks trickle into stores this summer.  I knew I loved the idea of lace, but I wasn't down with all the revealing versions.  Also, antique and ivory lace tends to wash me out.  However, when I came upon this Kova and T Jenna lace top over at ShopBop, with it's navy blue lining, demure sleeves and flattering hemline, I knew it was for me.  It doesn't hurt that it's styled here with gray jeans, my other new fashion fave.  What trends are you opting in on this fall?


House Tour: Our Vermont Condo Revisited

We're starting to think about ski season already.  I need to take the kids for their rentals soon and make sure everyone's long johns still fit. At some point this fall, we'll head up to Vermont to air out the house and get things ready for the season. I've posted about our condo in Vermont several times, including before and afters and inspiration for the design direction, here and here.  However, I've never done one full on house tour. Since I've been getting a few questions about sources, I thought I would include a few of those as well.  Given the distance, I managed to shop and ship about eighty percent of the decor and furnishings for this house online.


Like No Other: Kara Mann Design

A design crush of mine from the start, I recently went back to look at some of Kara Mann's compelling interiors, only to be reminded how much I love this talented lady's style and her unique spin on decor.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple passages


Random Chanel Item Number 142

Hey baby! I'm ready to kick off the first official weekend of fall right about about you?

Great big thanks to Donna Benedetto for sending this ridiculously fun digital foot print to me!

Minor Obsessions

After last week's post, I've decided that "minor obsessions" is a much better than name for this weekly round up.  Starting with everything about this outfit on the left, the only thing I'd change would be the high heeled boots, I'd switch 'em out for my Rag and Bone Newbury Classics (crazy comfortable!) Black silk top, dark green skinny jeans and this chic camel leather jacket all need to be mine.  For quite a few seasons now, I've been really into fur vests, and this one by Haute Hippe over at Net-a-Porter is truly haunting me.  Just to round it all off, how amazing is this python cuff from J.Crew? Would work with every item in this post, not to mention everything in my closet.


Classic Meets Contemporary Design

From time to time, I like to check in with international design trends. It can be very inspiring to see what's happening in other parts of the world.  When I ran across these images on Elle Decor Espana, (amongst all the Spanish that I didn't understand) I recognized the name of the design company, Moooi. If you're familiar with this unique collection for the home, then you'll not be surprised to see all the interesting objects here in the company founder, Casper Visser's home.  And, if you're new to Moooi, I highly suggest you take a look at all the irreverent offerings.


Navy + Gold = Chic

Gold really warms up classic navy blue and it's a bit less expected than traditional black and gold accessories. Each and every one of these chic pieces would work perfectly with this season's jewel tones, stripes and neutral color block looks.  I can't pick a favorite, I want them all.

Wednesday Wants

Ever since I was quite young, I've loved the idea of donning glamorous rings.  Needless to say, the revival of cocktail rings a few seasons back, made me quite happy.  I hope this trend sticks around for several years to come, as I literally can't get enough of these fashionably fun baubles.  The magenta option above from Isharya is a particular favorite, but I'm also contemplating these stunning rings below as well.  It's safe to say that rings are my favorite accessory, what's yours?

 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Highly Styled

Spaces that look collected and highly curated with a minimalistic approach.  That's what I'm all about this amazing penthouse in Brooklyn, New York featured in Living, Etc. naturally grabbed my attention, and then held it.

A Family Affair

Kate from Party Resources has a fun series known as "I Do II." Kate asked me to re-imagine what my wedding would look like if I had to do it all over again today.  I enlisted the help of my two daughters (being the polyvore ninjas that they are). The result is a casual beach wedding inspired by my own Hawaiin honeymoon, almost 16 years ago... Pop on over to see my blogging prodigies ideas.

Image via: WeddingChicks


Above All The Lights

I've always liked the idea of summing up my personal aesthetic in a neat little sound byte: "modern country meets vintage glam" but what exactly does that really mean? This outstanding Hollywood Hills home designed by Kathleen Clements, is exactly what it means, at least to me.  The "eclectic yet quiet" vibe here exemplifies everything I love in home design.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple pleasures

Image via: LivingEtc.


Random Chanel Item No. 141

Wishing you all an extra sweet weekend!

Picks, Pins + Pines

I'm having a minor obsession with decorative boxes and sweet little pouches, so that's exactly what I've been stocking with. This fun velvet leopard zippy is my new fave with this versatile faux green marble box and artfully chic brass box both vying for second. And, speaking of "minor obsessions" that's the name of the jewelry line that makes these adorable anchor earrings...another obsession? Coco of course, or in this case, Lagerfeld and Roitfeld... Want/Need this book. Finally, these oh-so stylishly studded belts from J.Crew, weirdly reminded me of my new boxes above, so naturally, I'm fixated with these as well.


Interior Details

Simple, clean lines in kitchen cabinetry, layers of thoughtfully planned mouldings and trim, built in bookcases, window seats and of course designer closets....these are the design details that dream houses are made of, right? So it's no surprise that I was completely bowled over by the portfolio of Gardiner & Larson. I have the September issue of House Beautiful to thank for introducing me to this local design firm...(which is now bookmarked!)


Wednesday Wants

This summer the one item I wore more than anything else was white denim.  Cropped, skinny, cut off and straight leg, I have a white jean for nearly any sartorial occasion. Now that I find myself still reaching for my familiar uniform, post Labor Day (sans the fashion chutzpah needed to break this ingrained non-rule I might add) I've decided that gray denim is my new best friend.  It works easily with all my neutral and black tops and even looks perfect with some of my colorful, summery tunics and tees.  Gray denim is a great option for the type of transitional dressing that this time of year calls for, the image above from Who What Wear really helps to illustrate this concept.  Below are two options I'm seriously considering adding to my gray jean rotation.
                                      Habitual                                                  7 for All Mankind

Do you wear this tried and true denim trend?

Goth Gone Glam

You know it when you see it. And...the more I see it, the more I love it.


Pattern + Play

Upon a recent visit to Mona Ross Berman's stylish portfolio, what struck me the most, was the exuberant use of colorful, bold patterns.  Whether on the back of a dining room chair or adorning the furniture in some of the prettiest children's rooms I've ever seen, it's clear that Ms.Berman likes to inject all of her designs with a big dose of light hearted playfulness.


Our Florida House: Some Updates

Here are a few shots of our vacation home taken over Labor Day weekend.  As you can see, it's still very much a work in progress, but it's coming along.  This top image is a glimpse of the type of double height walls I'm dealing with, this is a view from the open second floor looking down into the family room.  The style of the home is contemporary, with a mash up of architectural elements and hardware from almost every era in design, and not in an eclectic mix kinda way...At any rate, I've added a few "before" images at the end, and check out the art in my daughters' room, a lovely gift from the talented Laura Trevey.  I had these prints framed in bold orange and adore the way the art works in this room. In fact, every where I look I see the positive impact this blog has had on the decor of this house...from obtaining "to the trade" items through Susie Isaac's company, to seeing several pinned inspiration ideas come to life.  For more resource info, please see below and to see the first two posts on our vacation home updates, please click here and here.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple panacea

Image via:


Random Chanel Item No. 140

Hats off to the weekend! I know this was a short week, but sometimes this expectation can almost make it feel longer, right? Have a great one!
Image via: 1stDibs

Picks, Pins + Pines

I know that technically it's still summer, but with my kids all back in school, the leaves starting to change and all the rain we have in the New York forecast, I'm in a bit of a seasonal transitional slump.  This is an effort to cheer myself up with so much of what I look forward to each fall and the cooler months ahead.  First up: boots...boot wearing, boot shopping, boot ogling.  These black YSL riding boots need to be mine! And, light fixtures are like the decor equivalent of boots for me, this one is beyond spectacular, (not really fall related, but cheering me up nonetheless).  Autumn has such a rustic quality , this clever side table brings to life this feeling. It's just the piece needed for some tension in our all white lucite and chrome Florida living room. With burgundy as the "it" color for fall, Carry On by essie seems very of the moment, I love this polish for pedicures.  Perhaps my favorite treat of the season, pumpkin spice lattes, even just thinking about it makes me smile.  Finally, there are few things I love more than curling up on the couch with a great movie and some fresh popped popcorn. We drizzle ours with this truffle oil, it makes it seem so decadent.  Next up for me is Stardust Memories, can you believe I've never seen this?


Bahama Mama

White walls, classic blue and white patterns and rooms full of rattan furniture...this is pretty much the vibe I'm going for with our vacation home in South Florida. Although, for our house, I might just need a tiny bit more Palm Beach glam than this eclectic Bahama beach house I recently fell in love with.  I know I'll be re-visiting these images for inspiration over the next year as we finalize all the decor decisions and finally settle in.  I'll try to post some "work in progress" photos of our house next week, until then, you can check out the rest of this delightful island home recently featured in House Beautiful, here.


Wednesday Wants

Over the long holiday weekend, my family and I headed south to our little vacation home in Florida.  It's still very much a "work in progress," but I'm happy to say that it is definitely coming along.  With most of the big decisions out of the way in terms of decor, we are getting down to the fun stuff, like art and accessories. (zhushing!)  However, there are some tricky aspects to this house.  In both the living room and the family room, the walls are double height, making me nervous about scale and what exactly to hang on them.  This is why I'll be ordering this book today.  With over two hundred pages of inspiration for your walls, Creative Walls has got to have at least one or two fresh ideas in there for me.  If you've ever dealt with vast wall space in your home, please share!

Go Try It On

Have you heard of this cool new (and free!) app, Go Try It On?  It touts itself as being "the social side of style" and after sampling this fun endeavor, I completely agree!  I love the idea of using Go Try It On, when you're not really sure about a new fashion purchase.  With the ease and selection of shopping for clothes online, I find myself getting more and more of my wardrobe via the internet, which, if you think about it, makes my bedroom the "new" changing room. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I'll know when something is working for me or not, but with sunglasses, this can be tricky.  Last month I'd ordered a cute pair of shades online, but when they arrived, I had no one nearby for a quick "does this look cute?" moment.  That's where Go Try It On shines, and you can "trust your friends when you don't trust your gut."  I ended up sending the cute cat-eyes back, but next time, I'll be sure to check in with Go Try It On, which you can  download here! Check it out and let me know what you think.


Inspiration From Down Under

It was a bit of a lucky accident that I happened upon this "new to me"Australian online magazine EST.  In case this lovely publication is not on your radar yet, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite interior images here today... enjoy!

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