Wednesday Wants

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A few years ago I enlisted the help of a personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman.  I was short on time and had heard great things about this free service from some friends. It proved to be an amazing experience. One of the items the stylish team of shoppers pulled for me that day was a Splendid cowl neck thermal top.  When it was first given to me to try on, I confess, I simply did not "get" it.  However, once I slipped into this super soft and cozy top, I fell in instant love.  Extra long (it can be scrunched up a bit to create a non-bulky, ruched effect) the neckline is super flattering and it looks great all it's own. Since the arms are cut fashionably snug, this top also makes an ideal layering piece. I love to wear mine under knitted vests (this one is especially cute), cardigans and blazers.  So glad to see that these tops are back again this year in a whole new batch of colors.

Happy Halloween

With power and trees down in our town due to hurricane Sandy, I don't think that there will be much, if any trick or treating around here for our kids this year, at least not today.  Hopefully, we can figure out a fun alternative for them by this weekend.  Now that our generator has been fixed, things are at least a lot more festive (and warm and bright) over here, and for that we are so grateful! Hope you all have a very safe and happy Halloween!

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Thankful to be on the other side of hurricane Sandy.  While this super storm has knocked out our power and our phones and even our trusty generator of ten years, (which we are still hoping to have repaired by hopefully, tomorrow) we are all safe and sound with little, to no property damage.  Feeling very grateful (even if I do have to remind myself several times a day, while we are all cooped up here together).  It could have been a lot worse. 

Tonight we will dine by candlelight again. Although it will not be even half as glam as this photo from Style Me Pretty suggests, it will be alright.  It will be cozy and we'll all be together. It might be some time before our little town can untangle from this mess and power gets turned on again, but after hearing stories from friends and news reports of true devastation in the wake of Sandy, its hard to feel anything but relief.  I hope you are all safe and sound.  For more information about donating to the Red Cross Hurricane relief fund, please click here


Powering On

The power is still on over here! Thanks for all your good wishes and helpful tips yesterday. As of now, it's not even raining yet. Gray skies and very blustery, if it wasn't for the endless updates on the storm, all of us home in our pajamas would feel quite cozy today...but of course there is an impending sense of doom that's hard to ignore.  So as long as the power and internet are still up and running, I'm hoping to distract myself with these sexy, glossy interiors by the stylish, Mar Silver. A local talent and recent discovery for me. The amount of amazing designers here in my little neck of the woods is somewhat astounding.  Sleek, bold and oh so sexy, a little something to spice up your Monday! Be sure to check out the rest of Mar's amazing portfolio.

Monday's P.O.P.

powered up purple

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Nervous Energy

I was first going to give this post the title "calm before the storm"...but truthfully, after reading and listening to all the news and weather updates related to Hurricane Sandy, right now, there is nothing calm about my mood.  We've secured all the outdoor furniture, potted plants and urns, gassed up the cars, shopped for food, charged up our iEverythings and I've now cleaned every surface in the house at least twice.  Extreme weather makes me very anxious and I know from my twitter and facebook feeds, I'm not alone. Schools here in the tri-state New York area have already decided to close Monday and Tuesday.  It's probably safe to assume we will not have power, possibly for as long as a's happened before.

So, if this blog goes silent for a while, chances are we are all hunkering down in the basement, where I'll most likely be eating my weight in fun-sized Snickers. Our basement is thankfully finished and comfortable. We have a generator that powers the bare minimum, making the house habitable and safe.  I'm really just worried about property damage, my kids' Halloween being ruined (again) and the inconvenience of children home from school with no cable or internet (needed to run my business)...first world problems, all of them, to be sure.

Fingers crossed that this storm either dies down or doesn't live up to all the hype.  Stay safe everyone!

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Random Chanel Item Number 147

This is not my pumpkin...and we are faaar from ready for Halloween over here at chez zhush...thank goodness it's the weekend. Between costume finding and candy buying, I'm hoping to squeeze in some much needed down time. Before you know it, it will be about scary! What's on your schedule for the weekend?
Have a great one!
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Minor Obsessions

 bag | oil | art | box
We've had a lot of dreary weather lately, here in New York. Thank goodness for the ability to ogle some of my favorite artists and designers on the internet...the indoor equivalent (sadly) for sunshine these days.  Starting with this unique bag by Givenchy. I keep going back to it. Another site had it listed simply as a "pouch" where it sold out immediately, but, I noticed Barneys has this listed as a cosmetics bag, and its still available (for a lot less than Givenchy clutches typically sell for too) I'd use a cosmetics bag as a clutch...when it's this pretty, who cares? Right? We've had to turn on the heat a few evenings here, nothing dries out my skin and hair quicker than a north east winter. I've heard great things about this satin oil, thinking of giving it a try.  Serena and Lily is such a good site for bedding, especially kid's rooms, but did you know they have an amazing selection of original artwork?! Like this fabulous abstract by Michelle Armas...obsessed. Speaking of obsessed, the colors of this Kelly Wearstler box work so well with the artwork above I just had to include it here as well...and check out the inside! 


$100.00 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway!

We are almost at the end of October?! It's hard to believe it, but that means it's almost this blog's three year anniversary, wow! To help celebrate I've teamed up with the lovely people over at Shopbop to offer one lucky reader a Shopbop gift card worth $100.00! How great is ShopBop? I'm completely addicted to browsing the "what's new" section...that's where I came across the two looks above (obsessed!)  I'm also thrilled to see that they carry some really fabulous boot and shoe options, like Loeffler Randall booties, House of Harlow 1960 booties and a "new to me" brand, Max Kibardin shoes. Shopbop even rocks facebook, where you can keep up with all the sales and insidery Shopbop stuff on the fan Shopbop page!  If you won this giveaway, what would you get? Leave a comment below to enter, one entry per person. GIveaway will run until midnight, November 4, 2012. Winner chosen at random and announced November 5, 2012. Good Luck!


Gold Touch

Have you seen AERIN'S new offerings yet? In the small chance you haven't heard, Aerin Lauder is spinning into a lifestyle niche and making a new name for herself. After years of serving as the creative director for her family's brand Estee Lauder, Aerin decided to branch out into new territory. AERIN'S products have started to reach the market place. From the small sampling available at Neiman Marcus, I'm already full on obsessed with this gold match strike. Not to mention the sweetest little gold artichokes...

Wednesday Wants

Today I'm sharing a great pre-party prep tip. What started out as a way to prepare our home for holiday entertaining has now turned into a year round purchase...paper hand towels (also known as guest towels).  Not only do these products come in an endless array of great looking patterns, colors and even monograms, but they're such a cleaner alternative to traditional (communal) terrycloth towels.  I love to stock up on different patterns and change out the look from time to time as seen above and below. There's a lovely tortoise shell print at Horchow that I've got my eye on next...Throw in a luxurious liquid soap pump (no fancy bar soaps here please) and your powder room is all set (and zhushed).  What quick fixes do you rely on during the busy holiday season?


Coastal Chic

Surfing the net...I came across this chic coastal abode over on New England Home Magazine and was stopped dead in my click clicking tracks.  The designer/owners are the talented team of Bierly Drake.  Black and white with brass accents suddenly seems so fitting for a home by the sea...I just love it. You can check out the rest of this charming house here.


Zhushing With Kevin Sharkey

Last week I was thrilled and honored to be a guest on Kevin Sharkey's Home Design show on the Martha Stewart channel over on Sirius Radio.  In case you didn't get a chance to hear it, Kevin was kind enough to post a brief interview that we did in connection with the radio appearance, over on his site.  Even kinder, you don't hear any New Yawk tawk or umms and "likes" in my written answers, not that I, umm, really tawk that way in my, like, real life...

Monday's P.O.P.

purple pleasures

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Random Chanel Item No. 146

Some weeks crawl and others simply fly by...I'm scrambling to manage my time better this week. The days keep getting away from me in a very unproductive manner. Hoping to get some work done this weekend or at a minimum some serious list making...but mostly, I just want to put my feet up and...peace out!

Minor Obsessions

I literally can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Miles Redd's new book. The Big Book of Chic, looks right up my ally.  Also up my ally, this trio of eye shadows by Bobbi Brown. I'm not really into a heavy eye look personally, but what's great about these shadows, (in addition to the nice price point) is that you can get a subtle bit of shimmery shine on your lids, or, go full blown vampy, it's entirely up to you.  Speaking of vampy, I'm completely drawn to this fun fur Kelly Wearstler collar. It's a little bit glam and a little bit Cruella de'Ville. I'm still deciding if I can pull it off...

Last but not least, a minor obsessions bonus, according to the Editor At Large, HUGE congrats are in order, former Domino Magazine editor and stylist, Lili Dialo, has announced the upcoming launch of her new online magazine, billie! I'm beyond excited about this news. Last year, Lili was the stylist that helped produce the HGTV magazine feature on my house.  Spending two days here with the uber stylish Lili was a great treat, an experience that I'll never forget. I adore Lili's taste (girl crush!) not to mention her chic spin on everything.  I've already subscribed...have you?


Modern Classic

This feature in At Home Arkansas, caught my eye.  The sentimental nods to all the glitz, glam and grace of Old Hollywood, are so endearing. Doesn't this sophisticated home look like it holds some really great stories? (I think that's what I like best about it.)


Martha Stewart Radio + zhush!

Hey! Hope you all can tune in later today...(October 17 from 5-6pm EST), I'll be a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio's Home Design Show with Kevin Sharkey.  It's on Sirius Satellite Channel 110 (@martharadio). It's LIVE and you can call in ~ so please do!

Kevin is the Senior Vice President and Executive Editorial Director, Decorating and Executive Creative Director of Merchandising for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO). Goodness! As if his title isn't intimidating enough, have I mentioned it's LIVE?

PS: I'm a bit terrified, as in freaking out.

PPS: If you don't have Sirius, CLICK HERE to subscribe for a free 30 day trial, you can even listen online which is pretty cool!

PPPS: freaking...

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Wednesday Wants

One of the best "insider design" tips I've ever received is the simple idea of using only all white towels.  What makes this advice truly an insider tip, aside from the clean and chic affect here, is the actual source of these towels: Macy's. Even top tier designers have been known to use Macy's Hotel Collection towels in their installations. This has been confirmed by designer friends through the years and re-confirmed by several magazine articles.  Last year, when it came time for me to buy new linens, I purchased these towels and couldn't be happier with the quality, not to mention the price. Do you stick to an all white palette?


Design With Oomph

This isn't the first time I've written about the design work of architect, Louise Brooks. Given my admiration for everything Ms. Brooks does, I'm sure it will not be the last...Designer, architect and one of the owners of Oomph, a furniture and home accessory line (pieces of which can be spotted throughout this feature from Traditional Home), the article was a special treat for all the obvious reasons, but also because it was produced by Stacy Kunstle, another lady in the design world that I admire so much.  Stacy, a fabulous stylist and blogger, not only puts together great features for shelter magazines, but also has her own beautiful home decor line as well (Dunes and Duchess).  I love connecting the dots on local inspiring design talent.


Kelly's World

There is a lot going on in the world of Kelly Wearstler. Between the release of Kelly Wearstler's new book, Rhapsody, next week, Ms. Wearstler's One King's Lane sale, live this morning...(I'll be there!) and all the other amazing Kelly Wearstler projects, which include clothing, fashion accessories, home design and even a fabric line, it seems that Kelly's world is fast becoming an omnipresent design empire. After getting a sneak peek of Rhaposdy, I'm completely inspired by this uniquely beautiful, over the top, designer's view of the world.

Monday's P.O.P.

proportionately purple

Image via: House Beautiful


Random Chanel Item No. 145

Here we are on Friday, technically the end to a short week, but this one simply crawled by for me.  So thankful for the start of the weekend.  Looking forward to some shopping and catching up with my girls.
Have a great one!

Image via: ZsaZsaBellagio

Minor Obsessions

One very fab book, two super chic pillows and three sweet little charms, this sums up my obsessions for the week.  Back from Florida with a renewed commitment to get our place finished, I'm convinced these two pillows would be perfect on our charcoal gray living room couch, done! Given my voyeuristic need to peak into every designer's home, how has this, The Iconic Interior Book, escaped me until now? I have a major obsession with charms and charm bracelets (charm necklaces, too!) this sweet little trio of little girl charms plays homage to my favorite city...awww.



Like clean, fresh sheets, a cool fall day in New England or the first bite of an apple picked that morning, doesn't the spirit of this Northern Vermont home, by Henhurst Interiors, just capture that feeling? Crisp.  


Wednesday Wants

I know I'm not alone in choosing to wear  a "uniform" sometimes.  Once the cooler temps hit, like most of you, I'm all about the layers.  My "go to" outfit usually consists of a fun t-shirt, favorite jeans, a warm and cozy cardigan and an interesting scarf to pull it all together.  Right now, I'll wear this with flats, come winter, boots.  I'm not saying this is what I wear everyday, but most days, this is what gets me through all the various roles I find myself in. I'll be snatching up this burgundy cardi today... (and, it's on sale!) What's your "fall back" outfit?

Initial Reaction

Monogram items make great gifts!  So today we're here to remind you that these great gifts often take about 5-6 weeks from the date you place your order...why not place your order today and be the smug and relaxed one come early December?  Tempting right? (also, how cute are these new key chains we just added?!)


This Vibe

Just back from a quick jaunt down to Florida for the holiday weekend, where I second guessed every design decision made on our vacation home so far.  It's a challenge trying to sort out the decor long distance, measuring and then re-measuring, and then sweating every detail back here, in New York.  (I know, boo-hoo for me) I've made a few mistakes already, nothing too major, however, I don't want to screw up anything else... Inspiration helps a lot, it's such an overused word, but it's really everything to someone like me, starting from scratch and trying to get it right.  Today, staring at these images by Burnham Design, it's more than just the sum of these parts that I'm trying to duplicate here, it's really the "whole laid back yet still very chic" vibe...


The New Old South

This southern home spotted recently in Country Living, really demanded my attention. It was the image above that immediately drew me in. That clever grid of framed pressed flowers above the vintage church  pew...doesn't this vignette make such a bold, even modern statement?  Using traditional pieces with vintage finds in new unexpected ways is really the freshest thing catching my eye these days.  Check out the rest of this refined and inspired home here.

Monday's P.O.P.

pinteresting purple

Image via: AnnieGirl


Random Chanel Item No. 144

I'd love to get into NYC to see the Warhol exhibit at the Met this weekend, but I'm having trouble carving out the time for it...fall is so busy, summer feels like a distant memory already.  I've heard that this crazy chainsaw is part of the exhibit...Andy Warhol influenced so many and clearly continues to, to this day.  I wonder what he would've thought of the internet, not to mention blogs!?

Image via: FrankieMoloney

Minor Obsessions

Today's minor obsessions are short and sweet. The above, the result of a little retail therapy I indulged in earlier this week.  After missing out on those cult favorite, black cap toe, Zara nude pumps last year...I knew I had to scoop these from J.Crew, pronto.  I love that they create a bit of a "longer leg illusion" and that sturdy heel gives klutzy me a bit more piece of mind. Next, are these mirrored aviators from Nordstrom, I had to have them because they were $12.00! If I manage not to lose and/or break them, I may never buy another pair of designer shades again...Finally, a great little bottle of hand lotion, my skin must be allergic to winter because once the cold weather hits (along with flu season and my OCD hand washing) my hands get painfully dry. I literally need all the moisturizers I can get my hands on, the fact that this one smells like roses is a complete bonus.


Loco For Lococo

The custom built ins, the trims, those beams!!! You'll have to excuse the ridiculous title to this post, when I came across the work of D.C. based architecture firm, Donald Lococo, I think I temporarily lost my mind...


So Many New Things!

This is just the tip of the "new arrivals" we stock our shelves for the holidays (everything is available now). Thought I'd share just a few of the fab fun things we're unpacking here at  You can check out the rest, including gold and silver glitter serving utensils and many more elephant inspired pieces here!

Wednesday Wants

Now that the temps are starting to dip a bit, especially in the mornings here in New York, I'm beginning to think about some chic ways to stay warm.  Cold weather (at least for me) is a total drag...but I can't deny that I love all of the accessory options it inspires.  Topping my list this season are these faux fur neck warmers by Michael Kors.  Throw one over a sweater now to ward off morning chills and then add one to your coat this winter to stay stylishly snug 'til spring.


Impulse Purchase

I was lamenting the demise of Vogue Living, here in the states, when a friend reminded me that you can buy Vogue Living Australia and read it online via zinio.  You even have the option of buying just one issue (like an actual news stand), which is what I did.  Sometimes, I still like to have the actual magazine, if Vogue Living were still around, I'd still be subscribing...but I really have come to appreciate the whole digital magazine world. My wide Mac screen's lighting often lends the online photos some extra oomph and of course I love the ability to click on images and instantly see the shopping source, it's truly amazing.  Also amazing, getting a much missed shelter magazine delivered to my computer from the other side of the world in just a few short clicks...oh, and the content isn't too shabby either.


Style Stalking: Ali Schwarz Design

Whether you're looking for some visual inspiration for your home, to hire a professional designer or simply for some great eye candy on a Monday...check out the portfolio of local talent, Ali Schwarz, you'll be glad you did.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple passion

Image via: HouseBeautiful
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