Favorite Room
Today I'm over at La Dolce Vita, talking about my "Favorite Room" but, before you head on over (spoiler alert: it's my living room) I just wanted to mention ~ re-visiting these images from last year reminded me that I always meant to share that THIS, is what the living room really looks (as snapped by my i-Phone, yesterday).  Some of the props and things that show up in the magazine photos are not only not my own...but not even my taste! That being said, I was so grateful to have a national magazine even remotely interested in being here, that I just rolled with it.*
Can you spot all the differences between the two photos. Hint: Isn't photo shop amazing?

*but, should this little corner of the internet ever go viral, you can be sure that I will be a total diva, and insist that my vintage French lamp stays in the picture and that I'm served only pink champagne and purple m+ms, on a silver tray:).


  1. If only we could remove those unsightly light switches/thermostats permanently!

  2. The wall color is divine. Care to share it?

  3. Thanks Angela, It's Benjamin Moore, Cape Haterras Sand:)

  4. Your colors are amazing. Just love the blue ceiling.

  5. I felt the same way when they photographed my house. Most of it not mine or even my taste either. Oh, well, grateful for the press! xo


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