Made in the U.S.A.

In honor of President's Day, I thought I'd highlight just a few of the items we carry at, that are made in the U.S.A.  Before I started running my own business, I didn't really give a lot of thought as to where products are actually manufactured. Getting involved in the wholesale/retail world has been so educational in so many respects and really opened up my eyes to so many things that I had simply taken for granted as a consumer.  In 2013, I'll be making a greater effort to source products that are made here in the United States.  We'll even be adding a Made in the USA category to make it easier to find the domestic products that we already carry. Is made in the USA important to you? I'd love to know...

P.S. Did you know that the whole line of these throws are made in the USA and are eco-friendly, too? Pretty cool, right? Happy President's Day!


  1. I agree I love things made gives much pride to buy, use and wear these items. Love the blankets!!

  2. Yes, I love when things are made in the USA! Especially with kids, I am cautious about buying things from other countries (lead paint fears etc). I also will never buy any dog food or treats unless they are made in the USA!

  3. Happy President's Day, Sue!!! I actually love "made in the USA" products, so that's great that you'll have a whole category dedicated to that.

    Enjoy the last of your long weekend!! At least you're not in Florida this weekend! :)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Love the Made in America initiative! Have a great day off - although I know when the kids are home it's hardly that!! And stay warm - it's a frigid one!

  5. Sue- I love to buy USA - it does matter a lot!


  6. Happy Presidents Day. Yes, I think it is very important to buy products made in USA. I bought one of your baby blankets and it made a darling gift. Keep up the good merchandising!

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  9. I get excited when I see the Made in the USA tag on items I it! Glad to hear you will have a new category for shopping, it's a great idea for all companies!

  10. Yes! I love made in the USA. It's great because both my husband and I are in manufacturing and our jobs depend on it! Keep the products coming!


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