Minor Obsessions

Earlier this week, the bulbs on my light-up makeup mirror (that I had been using for ages) went out.  At first, I thought I could replace the bulbs...not so easy! In fact, this might actually be impossible. So, I replaced the whole mirror with this snazzy one. Since it's brand new, I can see a lot clearer...which, as it turns out, is not necessarily such a good thing...and consequently led to new makeup purchases and of course a new brush (or two).  Naturally, a new mirror and new cosmetics could only mean I need to zhush up the whole storage situation as well ~ which is where these chic and functional acrylic trays come in.  As for the candle?  I just thought it was cool.


  1. We've been wanting to invest in a makeup mirror given that our eyesight is not what it used to be but worried that all of a sudden, we'll see all the fine lines we didn't think we had! Hope your weekend is beauty-ful.

  2. Confirmation that I may shop too much. Own a mirror, the chanel illuminator, the exact kabuki brush, and candle 0_o

  3. Love the chic-ness of that candle!


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