If Your Lipstick Could Talk

Last week, at a friend's birthday dinner, a bunch of us started talking about the shape our favorite lipsticks take after using it for awhile.  It all started after I pulled out my beloved YSL lip balm, (mostly to ease my chapped lips, but maybe also to show it off a bit...I'm pretty obsessed with it).  At some point, another friend remarked that her lipstick took on the same odd shape as mine, and then we were trying to remember what exactly that "meant." In the name of a fun (and in our case, overdue) girl's night out, I promised to post the shapes and the meanings if I found them.  So, which one are YOU?


  1. Mine evolves....but it ends up flat. Not sure I love my description, but perhaps it is fitting!!

    Love that you figured this all out over lunch. Speaking of...we are way behind on celebrating yours and Sue's bdays.

    We must get together!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. I'm not going to say which one mine is, but your chart is right on the money!

  3. ill have to look and get back to ya...

  4. Slanted but close to original shape-Thats so me, I cant believe how well it describes me! I had to check all my lipsticks just to make sure!! Great post :)

  5. Sharp angle with a curved tip--dead on!

  6. I'm a flat-top. That description is pretty true.


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