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 polish + oil

This sounds crazy, but I have not one, but two spa gift certificates currently languishing away under dust in my drawer.  There once was a time in my life where facials and the occasional massage would happen several times a year (maybe even every other month) but lately (and by lately I mean the last few years) it's been harder and harder to carve out a chunk of time like that for myself. I'm sliding down a slippery slope here.  With my winter hibernation almost over, I think it's time I took a little better care of myself again.  It's not so much the end result of the clean pores or pretty nails that I'm after (although that doesn't hurt) but rather it's that revived and recharged feeling that I'm looking for.  I almost always come back home from a day of self pampering as a better version of myself, be it my "mom" skills or my still somewhat new "social media" and "small business" jobs, I need a re-boot after this winter.  A lot of people must be feeling the same way, because I just called the spa to finally use these lovely gifts (thankfully they have not expired yet, phew!) the time I need is booked for the next two weeks! So until then, this tired lady is going to get a spiffy spring pedicure and maybe invest in some of this aromatherapy oil, that a friend of mine swears by.  What, if anything, do you do to re-charge?


  1. i bought my mom that oil she uses it all the time!

    to recharge - SPA DAY!

  2. Yeay!! So glad you get to pamper yourself. I agree, You need to pamper yourself every so often to be better at everything and happier overall. It kind of gives you a fresh start. I'm the same way...with a massage here and there....and occasionally a solo trip for 2 days to see friends....that always helps too!

  3. I used to do monthly facials but my lady quit before the holidays and I stopped going....I feel like I am too busy. For goal is to sign up for this new spin studio as I know I will feel SO MUCH better if I can get back to regular exercising. My 4 year old tends to want to get mani/pedis with me now since they have little mini pedi chairs and I've got to say it is fun to take her but I kindof miss the "me" time to zone out. You are motivating me to pull out two certificates I've got from a couple of auctions and get to the spa.


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