Book Review: French Accents
The other day I received this stunning book, French Accents: At Home With Parisian Objects and Details, to review here.  Based on the alluring cover and title, I immediately cracked this beauty open and it did not disappoint.  Each and every page contains amazing photography of some of the loveliest interiors I've seen in a while. French Accents, also has loads of practical decorating advice, like where and how to place your art and an informative history of French interior design.  All in, I loved this book, mainly for the inspiring imagery and Parisian decor eye candy. I know I'll be turning to French Accents, again and again.  Here's a small peek at some of my favorites...


  1. I love this house. Três chic‼

    Best wishes, Amelia

  2. Green, black and leopard. Doesn't get better.

  3. you've got me thinking about blue post!

  4. eveange664/04/2013

    Just for your information... Paris DOES not mean France by any means as if I'd write that New York actually IS USA: won't you think this too much? Well I do and a lot of french do as well (for the record I am french but not parisian thanks God!).I do regret the title of this book very confusing and, once again, reducing France to the "tres chic Paris" (my a....s I know not polically correct but hey I am french so I take care of our reputation...). France is such a beautiful country and deserves so much more than to be only known by a part of Paris (because yes as well Paris can look very different ... but usually tourists do not even try to go and discover other places). Sorry for this message but each time I read such things I can help but deny it.

  5. I can tell this will be another design book to add to my ever growing collection. Just love the architecture in the second image!

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  7. Growing up, my mom had a french blue kitchen.
    It was my "happy" place.


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