Inside The Stylist's Closet

I love to discover beautiful and interesting new blogs, almost as much as I love to cyber stalk incredibly organized and chic fashion closets.  So you can imagine the size of my smile when I stumbled across A Mere Life, written by professional stylist and all around creative lifestyle guru, Meredith McBride Kipp.  This is a glimpse of the spacious closet that Meredith built and styled for herself in her home in New Jersey. Although I've never so much as even emailed Meredith, I feel like we are kindred spirits from just glancing at the contents of her amazing closest (funny how that is about style)...I mean, she has the exact same gold wishbone from my shop (currently on back order, but check out the silver one!) a very similar horn pendant necklace and a somewhat similar small tray.  Be sure to check out the rest of Meredith's closet here,  it's worth it for the jewelry and accessory storage inspiration alone!


  1. Anonymous4/23/2013

    Thank you for the coverage! xx Meredith

  2. Nice pics :)
    Such a great post !

    Have a nice day


    Coline ♡

  3. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

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