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I'm all about beautiful homes that look like you can actually live in them.  That's probably why I'm so drawn to the spaces that Christine Markatos designs.  For me, the same feeling holds true for fashion. While an over the top editorial with sky high stilettos and ball gowns might be breath taking, it's the features with clothing and accessories that I can actually relate to, that will always draw me in. I enjoy my escapism as much as the next person, as long as I can still some how, sort of see myself in the picture...Are you the same way?


  1. Sue,
    Just like Chanel, practicality is key to living. You have a great eye for style and practical solutions. Escapism is one thing, but there is nothing like good old fashioned workability. Wonderful interiors. Another fabulously gifted interior designer.

  2. this house looks wonderful. i love the dark and light woods mixed. it feels so warm.

  3. terrific spaces. and some of her furniture choices are that a metal console? and the gray chest is great. also love the oversize kid's art. donna


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