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In addition to editing my closet this spring, I'm also working on cleaning up the hoarder situation that is my bathroom vanity.  Over the years I've amassed a crazy collection of eye creams, serums, moisturizers, you get the picture. All this nonsense is about to end, especially since I don't even apply half this stuff. Much like my closet, I need to pare down to the best of the best and the stuff I really love.  I promised myself that all my must-haves will need to fit on this clean little tray that I just picked up at West Elm.  I like to see what I have and I'm more likely to use it this way.  I already know that my brow powder and cleanser are two favorites, but seeing these both included in Net-a-Porter's new "quintessential edit" of beauty products didn't hurt (what can I say, I like validation).  I also just recently started using luminous dewy skin mist, right out of the shower.  I mean, how can you even resist something called that?  Another recent purchase is this Lancome makeup...for years I've used only tinted moisturizer and concealer, but lately I've been feeling the need to up my game (or meet with some lasers) so for now the makeup wins, thankfully it's extremely light.  Finally, when I'm really feeling ambitious, I use GlamGlow's not an everyday thing, so it doesn't make the "tray cut", but I'm not giving this one up either, back into the drawer it goes...apparently this edit thing is harder than I thought.

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