Wednesday Wants

                                         Joie jacket                                      Rag and Bone jacket

I've been waiting and wanting and waiting some more to purchase a new spring is finally the day.  The Shopbop Family and Friends sale is on! Somehow, I always miss out on these events...but not today. The only question is which jacket to get. I've narrowed it down to a few. Positively loving these army jackets, (kind of leaning towards the Joie version).  But I also found a great selection of light weight leather jackets that all calling my name.  At twenty percent off everything plus free shipping, this floaty little Rebecca Taylor top, just might make its way into my cart as well. If you're heading over to Shopbop today don't forget to enter WEAREFAMILY13 at check out. 
                         leather sleeves                       leather blazer                             unexpected color


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