Rustic Modern Chic

I was recently asked to describe my personal style in three words or less..."rustic" and "modern" did not even make the top five.  But, that was before I saw this stylish townhouse designed by Amy Aidinis Hirsch, in the latest issue of At Home magazine.  I love the easy, breezy, chic vibe of this home so much, that now I want to redact my original style answer and start all over...(I'm very design fickle impressionable this way).


  1. Fabulous! Love Amy's style!

  2. I am completely 'design fickle'. I love color then can see a room in neutrals and lust for it. These rooms are fab.

  3. I'm not a fan of rustic but when you mix it like here it looks fabulous!

    ps. you might like these shoes...

  4. That kitchen is gorgeous and I like the neutral vases and pottery with the marble.

  5. Anonymous5/21/2013

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  6. Love the vibe. Very peaceful.

  7. A fabulous home! The kitchen is just gorgeous, and similarly, I don't think this is a look I'd normally go for!...xv

  8. I recently came across your blog and found it fresh and a pleasure to read! I love your articles that are really nice.

    I work with and am usually very stingy about giving out complements ;) Good Job! Congratulations to you on your wonderful blog.
    I will come back often to

    - Shivangi

  9. Anonymous5/24/2013

    I am new to your blog and this magazine...if I wanted to find sources for the furnishings in this article, where would I look? Does that magazine list the designers of the items furnishings and accessories?


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