Turnkey To My Heart

A friend of mine has been house hunting for a while and has remarked on more than one occasion how hard it is to see past all the bad design choices and clutter.  We started talking about the genius of beautiful interior staging and how sellers and builders that hire top notch designers to style their homes are often few and far between.  Then I remembered the amazing job that Lynn Morgan Interiors, did on the model homes in the Kensett development in nearby Darien, Connecticut. So smart in every sense of the word. Couldn't you just move right in!? (I could!)


  1. That's some of the best staging I've seen. In these parts, it usually means a lot of burgundy accessories and bad unframed canvas art from HomeGoods.

    I'm smack in the middle of staging our home. We've packed up all of our belongings that are the least bit idiosyncratic and put them in storage. I keep a tidy, uncluttered house any way, but I don't want any distractions for buyers.

  2. You're right, this is amazingly beautiful. I was just in a model where the entire home was red and brown. Neutrals are the ticket I'd say! Love this one.
    Xo Nancy

  3. So true. Many a house has ended up in a bidding war due to excellent staging/presentation/no clutter. And, many other charming homes sit for months because they need basic upgrades. Having bought and sold 4 homes....I have learned this lesson well. Another lesson though was to do what you need to to your home that you would do if it was on the market...only you'll get to enjoy it yourself.

    Have a great day!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. I love her work and I could move right in...

  5. Beautiful, and yes I could move right in. I agree with Elizabeth.. Keep your home updated, free of clutter, and staged before it goes on the market.

  6. Oh, I that I could move to one of these places right now and save the hassle of two acres of property, pool, etc. Anyone want to buy a house in Greenwich, so I can move into one of these beauties in Darien?


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