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With three children in camp, as of today (hurray!) I now have the much needed extra time to focus on some projects around the house and otherwise. First on my list...clearing out the clutter. I've already started by paring down my enormous magazine collection.  It's always easier to let these go when I know I've got my favorites saved right here on the blog. Which brings me to today's post...having Madeline Weinrib's beautiful beach home right where I can easily find it, makes getting rid of last summer's Hamptons Cottages and Gardens so much less painful. Now on to the other 914 back issues weighing down my desk drawers, not to mention all the other things that I can't seem to easily find...


  1. I'm loving all these beach homes cropping up for summer! This one is amazing. I'd be eternally happy waking up in that bedroom.

  2. I love all the blue in that room. So pretty!

  3. The headboard in the first picture is amazing. That pattern is to die for cute and it adds the perfect pop of color! Thanks for sharing it!!


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