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We've only had a handful of really hot days so far, but it's been enough of a reminder that my wardrobe is really not well equipped to handle the dog days of summer.  The problem, for me, is that I look ridiculous in shorts...long, short, they all make me feel awkward.  Most women I know opt for stylish summer dresses to get them through hot summer days in style, but I'm not really a dress (or skirt) person either.  However, when my trusty denim and white jeans just won't do, on those really humid days when even capri pants seem oppressive, I'll opt for a swingy summer dress...provided it meets all my personal requirements.  This navy blue number from Anthropologie manages to do just that and then some...not too short, check! bra friendly, check! swingy A-line but still some shape (no potato sacks please) check, check! ~ Not as easy a task as one might think, which is why I've just scooped this one for myself.  If your "dress code" looks anything like mine, you might appreciate this option and this one, too!  And if you do in fact look for similar qualities in a summer dress, what's been ticking off your checks lately?


  1. Sue I agree, so darling!! You will not see me in a pair of shorts, sometimes as you say even capris are too hot!

    Art by Karena
    Giveaway from Splendid Sass

  2. I love this dress! So perfect for hot summer days!

  3. I'm loving all the cute dresses coming from Anthro. We have yet to get any serious summer temps but when we do, I'll be in my favorite maxi:)

  4. This one is super cute! I hadn't seen it....Its my kind of dress as well!!

  5. Oh my! That dress is perfect for summer. It looks really cool, simple and lovely. Are there other colors available? I would to have an apple green of the cool dress. But before that, I guess I have to work on my diet first. That dress will certainly look wonderful with slender girls.


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