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wayfarers, birkenstocks, essie pink polish, clare vivier cross body bags

I'm definitely having an everything that's old is new again, moment...everything here, except for the fun initial earrings, (which are currently marked down to $18.00 ~ part of Nordstom's Anniversary sale), I've worn at some point in my life, in some type of form, already...

Wayfarers are pure classics and at only $20.36, this version from ASOS, is a no brainer. Also, classic and requiring no thought, my new go to color for manicure perfection, Essie's Pop Art, just one coat yields the perfect shade of sheer pink! Since Birkenstocks have been around forever, I think it's safe to say these are classics as well, especially when Celine calls upon them for footwear inspiration. Given the less than $100 price tag and the fact that they are so comfortable, I've already made the Birkenstock Cairo, my own and I'm almost considering adding another! Finally, speaking of adding another, I'm still on my cross-body bag quest for perfect is this black nubuck number from Clare Vivier?  The minimalist simplicity of it is feels so right, right now.  Are minimalist classics speaking to you as well?


  1. love the Clare Vivier!! and my nail polish romance right now is with Essie's Fiji!! Love your round-up!

  2. I needed to find the perfect sheer pink so thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Totally need some blingy Es for my ears .


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