Seven Moments of Summer

hydrangeas, birdhouse, backyard, white fence
Even though it's been incredibly hot (and humid!) and rainy...summer is still my favorite season by far. Here's just a few of the many, many reasons why... Fresh flowers ~ both inside and out, quiet mornings, bike rides, back yard garden vegetables, warm weather treats and most importantly more time (and daylight!) to do it all in, including focusing on projects around here big and small...all of it captured on my other favorite, Instagram. What are you favoring these days?

stone-wall, stone-retaining-wall, rockers, rockingchairs
zucchini-carpaccio, fresh zucchinni, garden recipes
fresh pink garden roses, disco ball, votives, silver
icecream cone cookies, sprinkles
Nantucket bike basket


  1. Why does summer have to go by so quickly?!

  2. looks like the perfect summer Sue!! Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere quieter than a big city where I could enjoy the small moments more! x

  3. Love all the beautiful flowers that are out! Our hostas are just about to bloom :) I don't have a veggie garden, but I do grow herbs and I've been loving putting some fresh mint & lemon in my water! Soaking up all the goodness of summer before it goes away! xo

  4. I've been trying not to whine about the heat in NY too much because I really do love summer. Enjoy!

  5. Summer is great, but I love the fall too!

  6. I lOve summer so much I'm already mourning the time it will be over. These are great images, I can't get enough!
    xo Nancy


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