Decorating With Neutral Colors

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Today, I'm featuring the beautiful interiors of Orrick and Company.  I'm such a fan of the fresh spin this firm puts on neutral color schemes (I posted some of their inviting designs here before, and they still remain some of my all time favorites).  The casual sophistication that a minimal and restrained neutral color palette lends to a home is something I'm finding myself really drawn to these days...

nightstand with art and orchids
white kitchen with subway tile backsplash
coral dining pendant, beach decor
louis gilded mirror above antique dresser as sink
topiaries and zebra print


  1. I have very bold colors in my home right now, but when we sell and move, I'm definitely going for a more serene, neutral, coastal feeling color palette!

  2. So soothing.... My next home will be more muted....but will still have pops of color that I just can't live without.

  3. Sue, I love how just a touch of color, greenery, a little seascape, blue and white napkins break it up and add interest to the gorgeous neutrals!

    Feature:Designer Barry Dixon

  4. it's a great article, i love the pictures. Thanks for sharing this bookmarking your website as we speak lol xx
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  5. really beautiful. I am a color girl, but I'd rather live in a calming neutral home. Hope all is well and that youre having a good summer Sue!
    xo Nancy


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