Book Review: Beyond Chic

I was truly excited when the postman delivered this hot new design book to my door last week.  Beyond Chic: Great Fashion Designers at Home by Ivan Terestchenko is the latest release from Vendome Press. If you know me at all, then you know from the title of this alone, this is right up my ally!  So much so, that I did a little Google search to learn more about the author/photographer, and as luck would have it, Ivan Terestchenko has his own blog...I thought it fitting to add Ivan's own words about this lovely book: "Although it is about Interiors the book is not about decoration. I have tried to capture the spirit of the homes of these great fashion designers because first of all they are true artists and as such whatever they touch, they do it with all their heart and skill. Their homes are where they find inspiration, nourish their creativity, nurse their doubts. It is the less public face of their world, it speaks eloquently of who they are when alone."  

I loved this quote so much, as the same could be said about all our homes really, they are where we nourish our creative spirit and nurse our insecurities...of course we want to peek into the lives of others. This natural curiosity is such a basic human quality. Have a look and let me know what you think of Beyond Chic...

formal sconces, striped couch


  1. dy-ing. i need this book. stat!

  2. GREAT LOOKS...I like the light fixture and the DOT board, best!!!!

  3. Swoon worthy spaces! Love!

  4. I can see this book is a great one, Sue!

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