Jewelry Box Essentials

I love jewelry.  Classic pieces and trendy items, hand made friendship bracelets and high end splurges...I literally love them all.  Beautiful to look at, some pieces can even be conversation starters, like great artwork. You can hand down jewelry from one generation to the next...seriously, what's better or more sentimental than a stunning timeless heirloom?  As you can see, I have a lot of thoughts and given a lot of thought as to what essential pieces everyone should own.  Aside from a great pair of "wear with anything" stud earrings, a classic watch and an every day necklace, there are a few more items that can really elevate your accessories wardrobe. Click over to my post at to read more about which accessories I think are absolute essentials.


  1. I absolutely agree with all you 're writting. Going over at to read more.
    Christina from

  2. I love it! And I do have that j.crew lattice necklace- one of my favorites. Is it wrong that I got the coral AND the crystal versions?

  3. Amazing jewlery. I love it. Thanks for sharing important post with us.


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