Style Stalking: Greg Natale

dorothy draper chest in black and gold, gilt mirror, vignette
I know it's so cliche so say this...but I truly can not believe that it's September. Another summer over, kids go back to school tomorrow.  While I'll be happy to have us all on a real schedule again, I'm not really looking forward to school starting OR summer ending, but c'est la vie, right?  In order to cheer myself up, I pulled some design inspiration from the other side of the globe...the side that is just now heading into the summer season. This month's style stalk is Sydney based designer, Greg Natale, and it's a really good one. Enjoy!
black and white marble bath and shower
mid-century modern credenza with starburst mirror vignette
vintage ram brass coffee table, hex david hicks pattern rug
modern high gloss green efficiency kitchen


  1. How funny, I was just looking over his portfolio this weekend! Incredible stuff.

  2. That green kitchen is calling my name!

  3. Incredible vision, I love Natale's design style!

    Feature: Entrepreneur Sigal Sasson

  4. he is one of my favorites! I know its so hard to wake up so early every morning....but I do love back to school! Means mommy is a bit saner

  5. Love that coffee table!

  6. That green kitchen is killer. I love high design in small spaces.


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