Wednesday Wants

casual fall weekend look featuring velvet faux fur vest

Back in early May, I attended the ENK fashion trade show in New York City. I was there to shop for accessories for my store, but, I couldn't help wander over to the fashion side of the show, as the appeal of seeing a fall preview of contemporary clothes, was just too alluring.  For the most part, the whole show, like most trade shows was very overwhelming...but the one item that I remembered the most was this faux shearling vest by Velvet.  It made an impression on me as a very wearable and budget friendly item, so much so, that I actually stalked it's arrival in stores for months...and it finally showed up! I found it in a few places, but surprisingly the best price was at Neiman Marcus, where I immediately scooped it up. Once the days start to cool down a bit, I plan on styling my new piece just like this...


  1. This is possibly my favorite Wednesday wants! You and I will have to coordinate so we don't end up wearing that vest to the same events :-) !!

  2. A great LOOK!
    LOVE the shoes!

  3. The shoes are killer and I love the whole outfit!

  4. you have me obsessed with that vest! Can we potentially be faux shearling vest twinsies!!?

  5. Hi Sue! Let's be twins--I so want that outfit!

  6. Dear Sue I went over to Neiman Marcus and was astounded at the price of this gorgeous vest....lets see, do I have any Birthday $ left. Can I justify buying this? Does everyone have questions like this rolling around in their head!?

    Feature: Entrepreneur Sigal Sasson


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