Wednesday Wants

Coming across this image of Olivia Palermo's flawless street style on Pinterest struck a chord with me, I could easily make this ensemble my fall "go to" uniform. I'm thinking this Vince ribbed poncho sweater looks exactly like the one Olivia is wearing, which brings me to another point...I love it when a fashion brand transcends age and appeals to all, not an easy feat, but one that Vince really manages to accomplish so beautifully. 

Pinterest is so great for style inspiration. I've compiled a little round up to complete (and of course acquire) this look (and I'm even shamelessly considering cutting my hair and parting it in the middle!)

super comfortable, read the reviews!


  1. I do love the layering of that poncho over the chambray shirt. It could easily become a fashion don't with the wrong bottoms. The skinny jeans keeps everything looking chic.

  2. My daughter just bought that very poncho and I loved that it could be worn in the winter with a turtleneck, too. Never thought about it with a oxford shirt...Olivia looks flawless, as always!

  3. love that outfit! I love love love fall so very much, I think for sure it's my most fashionable season (not that I'm uber fashionable, but if I'm to get it right, it's most likely during the fall months!).

  4. this is like my fall comfy and everything you chose

  5. Perfect autumn look! I just bought some cashmeres..


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