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Between the wrap up of New York Fashion Week, the beginning of London Fashion Week and the big dip in temperatures here in New York, I feel like I've been hyper focused on transitioning my wardrobe over to fall and winter...One piece that I've been on the hunt for since last year, has been a flattering fisherman's sweater.  A classic cold weather staple, there are so many stylish street style examples floating around on Pinterest. However, after trying on a few last year, I almost gave up my search. Either they were too itchy, or too chunky and boxy or both.  But, this year brought a new crop and I'm thrilled to have found my "Goldilocks" just right version.  This perforated sleeve knit sweater from Rebecca Taylor (which looks a lot like the one above) is soft, not too bulky and even has a flattering hemline. I love how it's styled a bit dressier in the photo here. I plan on wearing it soon...only a bit more casual, just like I've outlined below.  Madewell also has a very pretty boat neck version and be sure to check out Brooks Brother's elbow patch one's on sale!

You won't catch me wearing mine with shorts, but I do love how it looks...

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  1. I use to love these sweaters, nice to know they are making a comeback. I love the tote and boots!


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