Seven More Cozy Nooks To Love

Three years ago, I did a quick piece on one of my favorite design elements...nooks! To this day, it remains one of my most popular posts.  At first, this sort of surprised me, since there really isn't much to it, but then I gave this some more thought and realized that it actually makes sense.  I think most people crave warm and cozy spaces and really want their homes to feel that way.  Seeing built in reading nooks, banquettes and window seats evokes the very essence of this least it does for me. That's why I love these spots so much, especially in the fall, when that "home is everything" nesting instinct really kicks in.  Are you feeling it too?

 images: 1.Houzz 2.Better Homes and Gardens3 Houzz. 4. House Beautiful 5.  Lonny 6. HGTV Magazine 7. Better Homes and Gardens

If you don't have a nook, you could create a similar cozy vibe on a couch or love seat with pillows and throws using a lot of different textures...scroll through below for some warm and fuzzy inspiration...


  1. yes, these are amazing. Everyone wants a little nook to cuddle up and relax. I love reading on my window seat. My current house is from the 80s and has some cute little nooks and we really adore them, especially my little one.

  2. I love the tiny nooks! We have a window in our kitchen that is basically just wasted space...I'd love to add a cute little window seat underneath it! :)


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