Wednesday Wants: Fashion Dilemma Solved!

Like most women I know, I love the flattering and fashionable look of a pointed toe, high heel pump...but I've come to the conclusion that I really can't commit to this type of style for longer than a fancy dinner date night out, basically, the same idea behind Oprah's "five minute shoes." As much as I hate to admit it, the older I get, the more my preference is leaning towards comfort over, I tend to be fairly klutzy, not a good quality for walking in towering stilettos. With a few dressier events on my calendar, (all in New York City and all requiring walking) I thought I'd give another type of shoe option a try...the pointed toe wedge.  It might seem like the most obvious thing, but up until quite recently, I really only wore wedges in the warmer months.  All of my wedge heels were slings backs, open toe, espadrilles, or all three combined...but I've happily just discovered a whole bunch of great looking pointed toe wedge shoes that give me the height and the leg extending look of a pump, with the comfort and the extra support of a wedge.  Fashion win/win in my book!

I now happily own these leopard Brian Atwood wedges and these fabulous suede Chloe shoes. I think this pair of patent leather nude wedge heels are in my near future, since they'll go with everything (and you can't beat that price!).  I've also got my eye on a few other pairs, including a very chic pair of pointed toe black leather ankle boots, scroll through below to see the rest...

Images via: Ivory Lane and Harpers Bazaar


  1. I used to live in heels when I was younger but yes, like you, I find them very uncomfortable after 5 mins. and I too am a klutz. I will have to look for some wedge heels which would actually be a safer bet! Thank you for giving me an excuse to go shoe shopping! xo

  2. Can you imagine that I wore heels to class in college? After 13 years of ballet and a head mistress who always said, A ladies leg looks longer and leaning in high heels.....
    but I must admit that now I really do go for comfort so a wedge is perfect. Lovely picks.

  3. "typo - leaner" not "leaning!

  4. A pointed toe wedge - that is the perfect solution! Never even though of that (as obvious as it may seem). I always tend to go for a pointed toe kitten heel for the sake of comfort, but it really didn't do much for me in terms of giving me height. Now I can't wait to give the pointed toe wedge a try. Its definitely a fashion win/win!


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