Wednesday Wants: Taxi Cab Confession

Last week I was in New York City, twice (which is a lot for me) at some point during my travels, I found myself hailing a cab.  When the taxi pulled over, I was stuck in one of those awkward moments that I imagine only happen to people in larger cities...the passenger in the cab was scrambling to pay her fare as I stood waiting there with the door open.  The fact that this lady didn't have her money at the ready, gave her away as a tourist (at least in my mind) and sure enough, I was right.  You see, I couldn't help but notice the chic sweater she was all wrapped up in as I anxiously awaited her departure, and as we switched spots, I even complemented her on it.  She thanked me in a thick Scandinavian accent, explaining that she acquired hers back in Sweden!  For all I know, she was a model...(she towered over me when she finally stepped out).  And now, back home in the burbs I can't stop thinking about this fabulous Aztec sweater wrap...which looked a whole lot like the one above that I tracked down on Pinterest.  Some more googling finally led to something really similar here! To me, it looks almost identical, don't you think? And, you can't beat the price! Some other great look alike options below...


  1. I actually have the exact one from the picture! It's super comfy and love wrapping myself in it every chance I get

  2. Anonymous10/30/2013

    Where did you get yours Dora?

  3. LOVE this!! Where can you get it?? Do you have to rob a bank to buy it?! LOVE!!!!

  4. Love a good wrap sweater! Bought a navy/coral/cream one last year and I wear it all the time - it's thick enough to use as a coat before the snow comes :)

  5. Just ordered one-thanks for the fabulous find :)

  6. Sue it is really beautiful!! This is perfect for the weather we are having right now!

    Review "Fifth Avenue Style"

  7. This is about all we need for our Houston winters. I love this kind of thing because you just throw it on over any pant and you look wonderful. I love this post!

  8. Such a gorgeous sweater!! Love it

  9. What a great find... thanks for sharing!


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