Minor Obsesssions: Seven Tips For Getting A Good Night's Sleep

This weekend, for most of us, daylight savings time ends and we get another hour of sleep.  While I welcome anything and everything that enables me to sleep longer, the truth is I can not stand the whole daylight savings time concept.  Starting this weekend, the days will not just be getting colder, but shorter as well...cue my seasonal affective disorder.  I jokingly (not jokingly) bid farewell to most of my friends as I'm known to become a bit more of a hermit in the winter months. 

And, then there is the whole issue of my precious sleep cycle getting disrupted.  Whenever we turn back or forward the clocks, like the princess and the proverbial pea, I feel a bit uncomfortable and out of sorts for several days.  I treasure my of the greatest lessons I've learned as a parent to date is that sleep is. everything, for you and for them...everything. Too little sleep can have a detrimental effect on your mood, weight, immune system, memory...the list goes on and on. Here are my tried and true tips for getting a good night's sleep, I'd love for you to share any that you think I might've left out!

1.  Unplug. Don't watch T.V. or go online or even on your phone for an hour before bedtime. And try to keep your bedtime consistent. (I fail to do this on weekends and feel it on Monday every time).

2.  If you keep a clock near the bed, use one that does not light up.

3.  Keep your bedroom environment as neat, calm and inviting as possible.

4. Try to keep the temp in the room at the ideal 68 degrees.

5. No light, or as dark as you can get it.

6. Comfy PJs ~ I prefer wearing Mr. Zhush's old cotton t-shirts (much to his horror) and comfy traditional pajama bottoms, you can get just the bottoms at J.Crew Factory

7.  Soothing smells...unwinding with a cup of chamomile tea is great for those stressful days. And this product, reminds me of something I used to spray in my kids rooms when they were very little and woke up from a bad dream or night terrors.  Since they couldn't read yet, I would tell them it was "good dream" spray, guaranteed to give you happy dreams and chase away all the monsters.  It always worked!


  1. I love that sham!! So beautiful! I know I hate that the shorter days. My husband becomes a hermit in the winter months....its almost as if he needs to hibernate. I also love my chamomile or linden tea before going to bed.

  2. Nothing like a good nights sleep , which is very rare for me these days... I love your pics here and that clock is awesome!

  3. Oooo that clock is gorgeous. Only problem is I need an alarm. Those pjs look so comfy crisp too!


  4. Great advice...and I just sent away for a white noise machine...hope it helps!


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