Wednesday Wants: Rest and Relaxation

It's been a crazy week so far and it's only Wednesday...With Chanukah starting tonight at sundown, I'm thankful I'm not hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I'm feeling a bit burnt out and I'm planning on taking off for the holiday early and stopping to smell life's figurative roses. A long over due mani/pedi is on the agenda. Inspired by this image on Pinterest, I'm excited to try out this pretty shade, Poor Lil' Rich Girl, by Essie (don't they come up with the best names?)

I'll be spending the rest of today and tomorrow with my family. Before I sign off til' Friday, I just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Image  Etsy


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah!

  2. Happy Chanukah and A wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Beautiful quote. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. You did a great Thanksgiving. Definitely you have the power to create more beautiful. Interior design ideas


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