Fifteen Great Little Gifts Under $50!

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Here are fifteen fabulous gift ideas all under fifty dollars, many of them way under! Finding these gifts was way more fun than dealing with my shop's quarterly procrastination skills are in fact so good, that I went ahead and found fifteen more for good measure...(see below) Be sure to also check out, where there's a whole category dedicated to gifts under fifty!


  1. Wow - thinking this is the best under $50 list ever. Not often are there list where I'm coveting most of the items included! Dying over the pie server!!! May have to put a bug in my hubby's ear for a stocking stuffer. M.

  2. I have that gold target box on my foyer table. It's stocked with lipsticks for when I rush out the door I just swipe one on.

    xo Jessica
    My Style VIta

  3. I have never met a Bobbie Brown kit that I didn't use until it crumbled, her colors are so good. I think my daughter would love the ceramic go cup for her morning lattes! Fun things here Sue. I finally figured out my gift guide format, the first one dropped today, forget about the taxes a little longer and stop by :0! Thanks for your help.

  4. I love the idea of gifting someone a key chain. It's a cute accessory that you'd literally have on you at all times--why didn't I think of that before I finished shopping?! My mother still has one a dear friend made for her back in the ' about making use of a gift!

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