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Why we love The Buzz and Diane James Home: Funny enough, Carolyn and I met through blogging and became instant friends as we discovered we live in the same area! Her blog is as fresh and cheerful as the spectacular floral arrangements Diane James Home creates.

Carolyn’s three favorite gift items:

1. silver chiseled votive
2. Elva tassel necklace
3. Daren containers

What is Carolyn’s favorite holiday song?
“White Christmas by Bing Crosby. We have loved this movie ever since we were little girls celebrating Christmas in Arizona.  Our parents thought that escaping the dreary Belgian winters in sunny Scottsdale was way better than hitting the slopes in Vermont but we disagreed.  All we wanted was a white Christmas…  And we still watch the movie on Christmas Eve hoping that snowflakes will fall!”


  1. Wonderful picks!! I love Carolyn's tradition! I do hope to get to meet her soon! Happy Weekend.

  2. I'm digging the Daren containers!


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