Scout It Out

In my next life, I think I'd like to be a location scout. That would explain why I love visiting sites like Foster House so much! How great would it be to earn a living scouting out cool homes for ads, commercials and movies?  This house in particular, really captured my imagination.  First I found myself wondering what exactly this lovely home would be used for... a film? After seeing all the quirky accessories and sweet, little touches, I found myself asking, who actually lived here?  And, then I thought, what if one were to first see a house and then create the screen play of it's fictional occupants after...


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Valentines Day, it's true, all you need is love! But, a little zhush, couldn't hurt!
These are just a few of the great gift ideas we have, stop by for many, many more! (Like this...oh, and these too!)

Wednesday Wants

Just in time for me to give a not so subtle Valentine's Day gift hint to Mr. Zhush...Hermes has come out with this adorable golden locket perfume portable spray. It's meant to be small enough to fit in your bag, but personally I think this would look just perfect sitting on my vanity.  The accompanying Hermes perfumes are so sold separately (pssst! Mr. Zhush ~ Kelly Caleche!).


Pacific Palisades

It happens every winter...I start to daydream about living in California and then really question in earnest why it is that we have to live in New York.  This year it seems a bit worst...below freezing temps all last week here in the North East, a school closing due to snow and ice yesterday and now, this...discovering Chris Barrett Designs. My West Coast envy is now officially in overdrive...


Hunting + Finding

Today, I'm hoping to make it into the city for the gift show (the NYIGF) to look for new and interesting items to add to   I'm in a major lamp phase right now, no doubt fueled by this amazing interior, which I rediscovered last week while cleaning out piles of old magazines from my desk drawer.  I first laid eyes on this stunning home designed by J. Randall Powers, in the July/August 2007 issue of Elle Decor. It became an immediate favorite of mine, one I consulted often, as we began the renovation of our home.  Now, six years later, so much has changed in my life... our house is done, I blog about design almost daily and run  It's weird to now see this magazine through "new eyes," yet comforting to know that I still love this interior...maybe even more so.

Monday's P.O.P.

Purple Persian

Image via:


Random Chanel Item No. 160

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know how obsessed I am with this sweet, "random" gift I received last really strikes my fancy.  Stay warm and cozy...happy weekend!

Minor Obsessions

Somehow, my Birthday managed to migrate from early last week, into the weekend, and then into this week as well...oddly enough, I'm not complaining. I'm another year older, but it wasn't so bad. No doubt catching up with Season 2 of Girls helped, all that "quarter life crisis stuff" and living on a shoe string budget in one of the world's most expensive cities, I forgot how hard my twenties were some times, so there's that! And, if you're into this show as much as I am, I heard that Girls In White Dresses is a must read ~ I'll be downloading it on my new iPad mini (cue the humble brag) which brings me to my next point, another upside of getting older...the gifts get better! Like the generous gift card to Nordstrom I received! I've only had it a few days and it's already burning a hole in my "pocket," no doubt I'll be spending it soon on one of these sweet treats...but online "window shopping" is half the fun for now!


Inspired By Mary McDonald

I almost named this post "Missing Mary McDonald" because that's exactly what I am, ever since Bravo wrapped up season two of it's hit series, "Million Dollar Decorators."  I miss seeing Mary's fabulous Hollywood style each week, not to mention watching her re-design her own home!  In an effort to get my fix of "Mum's" elegant style, I've just spent a great deal of time over at Ms. McDonald's inspiring site, here are some of my faves... plus a few suggestions on where to shop this sophisticated "look." 


Wednesday Wants

This week has been especially cold here in New York...and dry, dry, dry.  Between bouts of static electricity and forced air heat, my hair and my skin have really been feeling it.  Luckily a friend recommended that I try this amazing product, Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Dry Oil. Not only is this treatment aptly named, but I'm now a full on proud Kiehl's product this stuff!

PS. Another great tip from another friend of mine, recently helped with my embarrassing dry heel situation.  Just slather your feet in Vaseline everyday, before putting on your socks...this worked like a charm for me, and far better than all the other pedicures and expensive products that I had already tried!  What's your secret skin remedy for winter?


Obsession Du Jour: Catherine Kwong Design

Each and every room here is a winner in my book!  Catherine Kwong Design, based out of San Francisco, is my newest design crush and my latest obsession. High fashion style with a fresh, modern vibe...urban California living, at it's very best.


House of Herrera

Here in the States, we're enjoying a long, three day weekend in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr..  While my family is off braving the elements and spending the day skiing, I'm keeping warm inside and enjoying some much needed down time. As I catch up with blogs and past magazine issues that I've managed to miss during the busy Holiday season, I was blown away by this feature from Harper's Bazaar of Patricia Herrera's New York City loft.  In particular, the study, with the China Seas fabrics...perfection!

Monday's P.O.P.


Image via: David Collins


Random Chanel Item No. 159

So ready for the weekend...I've got one foot out the door! Have a great one!


Image via

Minor Obsessions

This week, I made good on some New Year resolutions and got organized!  My closet is still a work in progress, but it's coming along quite nicely thanks to the best hangers ever and this stylish jewelry stand...On Tuesday it was my Birthday, and after a little "Debbie Downer" moment, I decided to embrace it, and indulged in a few, little fun things ~ such as these adorable (and very affordable) earrings...and I may or may not have replenished my secret chocolate stash with the beautifully packaged Mast brothers chocolate.  After hearing all the hype for years, I'm excited to finally try them (if the chocolate is half as good as the packaging then I'm sure it will be divine)!  Finally, due to some very generous friends, I had to replenish my thank you card sweet are these gold elephants?  Almost as sweet as my gifts...maybe I'll share those here next week!


Simplify Your Space

In keeping with yesterday's post on paring down my wardrobe, I just had to post these images from ML Interior Design, today.  Can you tell I'm not a clutter fan? So much of what I love about home decor is evident here in these rooms...white, bright kitchens, crisp, bed linens with monograms, and beautiful displays of well edited art and accessories.  I like my vignettes just like my spaces...clean and simple.


Feminine With An Edge

I'm currently in the process of editing down my wardrobe.  I read somewhere that most people only wear twenty percent of their clothes, eighty percent of the time...I know that this is probably true for me. As I sift through piles of unworn sweaters and stacks of shoe boxes, I'm keeping the modern, clean style of Vogue market editor, Jessica Sailer, in mind.  I've saved these images of her "5 looks, 1 girl" (my favorite feature) for several months. Jessica's streamlined use of accessories and classic American style is exactly where my head is at these days.  Masculine, chunky watches, signet rings and skinny jeans paired with monogram necklaces and bold, flirty blouses will all make the cut in my closet this spring...sometimes it just feels so good to pare down belongings...(almost as good as shopping).

Wednesday Wants

All I want for Spring 2013 is a fresh pair of kicky, nude wedges. These will do quite nicely, thank you.  Seriously, it's so cold, gray and blah here in New York lately...thank goodness for online spring shoe ogling!


Trad Meets Mod

Since today is now officially "bug day," I thought I'd include some of these breathtaking images from this glam New York City loft that I saw over on Heybillie. The over the top butterfly wallpaper really caught my eye...not to mention all the fabulous art!

Happy Bug Day!

I came across this whimsical Andy Warhol print a while ago, and it really made me smile.  I've been saving it ever since to post Birthday.  You see, I really don't enjoy this day too much, and with each passing year, I find my Birthday more and more annoying, and then I feel bad that I find it annoying. I wish I could be more like some of my friends and of course my children, that actually enjoy the whole thing...instead my Birthday just "bugs" me.  So, if you'd like to wish me a Happy Bug Day, I'm totally down with that.  In fact, I think I need a framed copy of this print for my office. Happy Bug Day to me!


Mood Enhancing Properties

Even though I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, these sunny images from the captivating design portfolio of Serena Crawford, managed to lift my spirits right up --- I do hope they have the same affect on you.  Happy Monday!

Monday's P.O.P.

purple passageway


Random Chanel Item No. 158

Woe,  I am in a serious post holiday state of exhaustion. Totally ready for a big ole' slice of weekend.

Minor Obsessions

It's clear to me that I still have a major thing for white and gold. This combination pairs so beautifully with almost anything, but I'm especially loving it with pops of black and natural elements to ground the whole look.  For my home, for my's all good!


Into The Blue

January is a great time to reflect upon personal style.  A new year always sparks talk about trends, hot colors and what to expect in the coming months ahead.  As I contemplate renovating our family room this year, the one element that I already know will remain constant is the color blue.  While the furniture might get replaced or reupholstered, I'm happy to say that the palette will not change.  I love the serene feelings that blue lends to a space, whether it's a whole room or just a few accents. Speaking of constants... I also still love the design work of Steven Gambrel, whose sophisticated interiors really showcase the color blue so beautifully.


Wednesday Wants

I'm hoping that 2013 is the year that I finally learn to cook, or at a minimum, at least learn a few recipes.  In an effort to fully embrace this resolution, I polled some of my foodie friends that excel at all things culinary, to see what tools and tricks they rely on in the kitchen.   Knowing my beginner skill level, I was urged to try a slow cooker, and to check out, Slow Cooker Revolution.  Ina Garten's new book, Barefoot Contessa Foolproof, was also highly recommended. In addition, these two pots (above and below) were high on everyone's "must have" list.  What tricks of the trade, if any, do you employ in the kitchen? I need all the help I can get!


The Mother Of All Builders

I'm so proud of my good friend, Jen.  Like so many moms I know whose children are in school full time, Jen reinvented herself by finding a new career.  With a pink hard hat and a passion for details, my friend is now an official general contractor.  Jen was able to combine all her previous business school project management training with her real life work experience and her first hand knowledge of what families really need in a home along with her flawless taste and aesthetics.  The result is Jen's first home, featured here today.  The gourmet spacious kitchen (seen below) is my favorite feature, not to mention the open living floor plan, stunning views, designer pantry complete with gift wrapping counter and amazing attention to detail... this house truly has it all and then some! Congrats Jen!


Southern Charm

Southern charm and then's all right here. Ever since I happened upon this timeless home by William B. Litchfield residential design,  I've been laser focused on the classic architectural elements within. The restrained palette, modern updates and fresh decor all add up to my idea of perfection.

Monday's P.O.P.

purple parlour

Image via: SoHaute


Sponsored Post:

I've been a huge fan of Jamie Herzlinger's beautiful work for years and have featured Jamie's gorgeous interiors many times, so it's extra special to now have Jamie's recently launched JAMIESHOP.COM, as a new sponsor.  JAMIESHOP.COM, provides  exclusive access to luxury "trade-only" manufacturers at wholesale prices, previously only given to professional designers. The start of a new year is such a great time to think about renovations, finishing off old projects and generally fixing up your space. If you're searching for anything from rugs to furniture, lighting to wallpaper, be sure to head over to Jamie's shop for up to 50% off retail pricing. Read more about the the services JAMIESHOP.COM offers here. If you request a quote for anything, make sure to add in "The Zhush" to receive up to $500 in free shipping (some restrictions apply).  For extra inspiration, I couldn't resist posting a few more images from Jamie's extensive and beautiful portfolio.


Random Chanel Item No. 157

Raise your hand if your ready for the weekend! Thought so, me too.  Have a great one!

Minor Obsessions

Maybe it's because we just returned from another quick trip to Florida, where our house is primarily blue and white, or maybe it's because I'm seeing so many beautiful blue items trickle into the stores for spring, whatever the reason, I'm obsessed with blue in every shade and form these days. And, is it my imagination, or do ginger jars suddenly look so fresh and new and right now?!


Style Stalking: MMR Interiors

Recently named one of Architectural Digest's "ones to watch" in 2013, I thought it only appropriate to kick off the year's first style stalk with the designs of Melissa Miles Rufty.  I can't believe I haven't posted the creations of MMR Interiors before, since I'm absolutely obsessed with Ms. Rufty's modern twist on classics not to mention her super chic layered approach to interiors.


Wednesday Wants

Whether you call this look "space dyed" or "marled", this black and white knit look is a perennial favorite of mine.  I'm especially loving it this winter, with all the black and white fashions coming into the stores for Spring. These cold weather sweaters and scarves are a great way to get on board with this trend right now. With so many stylish choices, it's hard to choose just one!

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