Seasons Of Love
You know that song from the hit musical, Rent? (It's probably one of my all time favorite songs, ever...) Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred~moments so dear, how do you measure, measure a year? Well, if your Deborah Buck, of  NYC design destination, Buck House, you measure a year in beautifully styled interior vignettes.  That's the gist of her new design book, The Four Seasons of Buck House, which will launch early next month.  What originally started out as a series on the Buck House website, entitled "The Designer's Eye" (which I wrote about here) has now been expanded and compiled into this creative tome. As Deborah explained to me last week via email, "They are magical 'snippets' of gorgeous objects, natural elements and fabric, all of which are artfully arranged." Included here today, are a few of the pages you'll find in the Four Seasons of Buck House, along with some colorful inspiration from Deborah's own apartment, which was featured recently in the New York Observer.


Wednesday Wants

Happily perusing the offerings at J.Crew over the past weekend, I came across what will most certainly be my first official Spring 2013 purchase.  Part silk shell, part merino wool, not only do I like the whole hi-low vibe of this top, but I'm loving the "looks like a sweatshirt, but not a sweatshirt" and "floral, but not too flowery" thing going on here as well.  The sleeve length is great and best of all, I won't have to wait 'til Spring to wear it...(because here in New York, that could mean waiting quite a while.)

PS: Just for fun, this is one way I'd sport this top come spring...


Favorite Room
Today I'm over at La Dolce Vita, talking about my "Favorite Room" but, before you head on over (spoiler alert: it's my living room) I just wanted to mention ~ re-visiting these images from last year reminded me that I always meant to share that THIS, is what the living room really looks (as snapped by my i-Phone, yesterday).  Some of the props and things that show up in the magazine photos are not only not my own...but not even my taste! That being said, I was so grateful to have a national magazine even remotely interested in being here, that I just rolled with it.*
Can you spot all the differences between the two photos. Hint: Isn't photo shop amazing?

*but, should this little corner of the internet ever go viral, you can be sure that I will be a total diva, and insist that my vintage French lamp stays in the picture and that I'm served only pink champagne and purple m+ms, on a silver tray:).

Cozamia Artwork Giveaway (closed)
I'm very excited about today's giveaway because I absolutely LOVE Cozamia!  You may remember the post I did on Cozamia here, but if not, Cozamia is a line of vibrantly colored artwork created by Nancy Ramirez. Nancy has a really great eye, which is clearly reflected in her sharp and chic prints.  I even love how visual the Cozamia site is, all these well styled vignettes that Nancy creates give you a great sense of how amazing these pieces would look in your home. Which brings me back to today's giveaway...Nancy is giving away TWO prints of her beautiful work in any size (up to36"x48") to TWO, separate, lucky zhush readers! Two winners equal better odds, right?!
Read on for the giveaway rules...


Style Meets Comfort
How great are these well styled interiors by Lee Thornton?  I love a home that looks as comfortable as it does stylish. I'm taking visual notes on the fabulous attention to design details here, as well...the fabrics, wallpapers and vintage silver touches, are all ranking high on my mental chic list today.

Monday's P.O.P.

palest purple pop

Image via: TraditionalHome


Random Chanel Item No. 164
The weekend is upon us...time to le go!
Have a great one!
{play nice}

Minor Obsessions

The days are finally longer, spring is right around the corner and this makes me very happy! Equally making me happy~this eye catching, spiked, lucite candle. Once the candle is gone, you're left with a clever  little box, so cool. Also on my radar, is this simple, yet chic lantern. We need one more fixture for our place in Florida, I'm thinking this might be it.  Have you been following all the coverage of London and New York Fashion Week? If so, then you already know that studs and leather are two trends that are here to stay, that's why I'm snapping up these fun gloves (on sale at ASOS) now! And,  for my hands next fabulous is this sweet little ring? A pop of purple sparkle seems like a great way to celebrate the end of winter. Another great way is this fun collaboration from Bare Minerals and Jonathan Adler. I might need to try this powder foundation for the festive packaging alone...anyone every use this? Any good?  Finally, a new to me line of fashion, caught my eye recently, Heidi Merrick. Loving this black top not to mention this over sized very spring 2013, fashion forward!


Kitchen Envy
First off, thanks so much to everyone that chimed in and commented on My Kitchen Dilemma post! I think I've come to the conclusion to paint the blue cabinet backs all white.  To be safe, I'll do a  a sample brush out first and keep you apprised of the final decision. Half the fun, is searching the internet for beautiful kitchen inspiration and here today is hands down one of my favorite kitchens, possibly ever.  These stunning images from Holloway Kitchens are full of amazing design details like beautiful wood framed windows, an arched door and custom built in storage in the drawers. Even though this kitchen seems to have it all, I'm pretty sure that it's not exactly white, but rather a light gray? Hard to tell for sure, but what it does have is the fresh clean, calm and orderly vibe that I associate with a crisp white kitchen. Not to mention that boiling/hot water faucet...that has got to be mine, it's going on the top of my list of home improvement projects that I intend to tackle this year.  The only thing I might change if this kitchen was actually mine, are those large black light fixtures...thoughts?


Peeking Into Designer's Homes
Running across these strappy sandals designed by Tabitha Simmons, in the most recent issue of Vogue, reminded me (that I need to go Spring shoe shopping) that I've neglected a series focusing on designers' homes, that I started here last year.  Now seemed a good a time as any to bring it back, especially since I'm obsessed with Ms. Simmons whole Chelsea townhouse, her sons' room above is my favorite (the coolest bunk bed, ever.)...not to mention her endless shoe collection!

Wednesday Wants
Let's all have a gold star day! These sparkly studs are calling my name...with so many different options and at almost every price level, I think it's time my jewelry wardrobe got a celestial upgrade.  Which one's your favorite?

                                            top pair:   $36.00 (part of the Bauble Bar party trio anniversary set)
                                                          upper left:   $240.00
                                                          lower left:   $275.00
                                                        upper right:   $825.00
                                                          lower left:   $5,285.00


Super Natural
I'm always drawn to a beautiful Hamptons house, especially in the dead of winter. This stunning home by Robert Stilin found in Elle Decor, has such a relaxed laid back vibe. All the jute, raw wood and neutral colors used throughout, really lend itself to easy family living. But, it wasn't until I went back and looked at these rooms again, that I noticed the antlers and cow hide rug, and that there's not a single sea shell or traditional ocean reference to be found.  Despite the absence of the usual nautical decor suspects, it still reads as a chic beach abode.


Made in the U.S.A.

In honor of President's Day, I thought I'd highlight just a few of the items we carry at, that are made in the U.S.A.  Before I started running my own business, I didn't really give a lot of thought as to where products are actually manufactured. Getting involved in the wholesale/retail world has been so educational in so many respects and really opened up my eyes to so many things that I had simply taken for granted as a consumer.  In 2013, I'll be making a greater effort to source products that are made here in the United States.  We'll even be adding a Made in the USA category to make it easier to find the domestic products that we already carry. Is made in the USA important to you? I'd love to know...

P.S. Did you know that the whole line of these throws are made in the USA and are eco-friendly, too? Pretty cool, right? Happy President's Day!

Monday's P.O.P.
pachyderm purple

Image via: ElleDecor


Sponsored Post: Modern Bathroom
The idea of renovating or designing a bathroom from scratch can often be daunting. I know because I've been there, done that. Thankfully, the internet is full of so many beautiful sources for inspiration and ideas as well as really great stores that you can shop and ship directly from, making the whole process so much less stressful.  Modern Bathroom, is really the best site for all bathroom renovations and of course starting fresh with a brand, new, stylish creation.  I especially love the selection of bathroom vanites that Modern Bathroom has to offer.  This one above, in particular, is a favorite of mine. I've seen single bath vanities just like the one pictured here, styled up beautifully with rattan baskets full of fluffy towels underneath, and the overall effect is really lovely.  There is also this simple and versatile white bead board vanity that I know would work perfectly with so many different types of decor.  The selection and variety of different styles of vanities over at Modern Bathroom is endless, they have something for everyone and every budget.

This weekend, Modern Bathroom is having a President's Day Sale that is really worth checking out! They always offer free shipping and by buying direct from the factory, with Modern Bathroom, you can save as much as up to 70% off regular retail prices.  Be sure to check out Modern Bathroom's accessories and all the other beautiful examples of bathroom vanities they carry. Modern Bathroom also offers shower enclosures and plumbing accessories, really everything that you will need for a great looking powder room or full bathroom (like this amazing soaking tub, featured here below, that I've been coveting forever).
Check out Modern Bathroom and remember to book mark this useful site the next time you need to zhush up your own bath...


Random Chanel Item No. 163

Yum! It's the sweet smell of a three day weekend! Did you all have a good Valentine's Day? Or are you celebrating tonight?  Either way...this bud's for you! Have a great one!

Minor Obsessions

Earlier this week, the bulbs on my light-up makeup mirror (that I had been using for ages) went out.  At first, I thought I could replace the bulbs...not so easy! In fact, this might actually be impossible. So, I replaced the whole mirror with this snazzy one. Since it's brand new, I can see a lot clearer...which, as it turns out, is not necessarily such a good thing...and consequently led to new makeup purchases and of course a new brush (or two).  Naturally, a new mirror and new cosmetics could only mean I need to zhush up the whole storage situation as well ~ which is where these chic and functional acrylic trays come in.  As for the candle?  I just thought it was cool.


Celebration Inspiration
Happy Valentines Day! I couldn't resist posting these festive tabletop ideas from  For us, this day has really become very "kid-centric."  All three of my children were packed off to school with bags of heart candy, chocolates and temporary tattoos to pass around. But, after seeing these pretty place settings, I'm tempted to maybe make a bit more of an effort today. A few little pretty vases on the table, maybe some champagne and strawberries, nothing too fancy. Or, maybe just some mint chip ice cream and a Nora Ephron rom-com? This all sounds pretty good right now and very well might make it's way into our do you spend Valentine's Day? Is it a big deal with you or just an excuse for chocolate and candy (which is really what's happening around here!)


Wednesday Wants
By now, I'm sure many of you have seen the beautiful feature on Lee Radziwill, in the New York Times magazine. What a great choice for Deborah Needleman's debut issue!  I found the whole piece to be so interesting, and confess that outside of Ms. Radziwill's relationship to the Kennedy clan, I knew very little about this fascinating lady.  Often tragic yet always glamorous, this small peek into a time in our not so distant history has really sparked a new interest for me (not unlike the first season of Downton, after which I read everything by Julian Fellowes, and went on to exhaust the whole British post World War One aristocratic era as well) I'm now feeling that same pull to learn more about the jet set, high society party circuit in New York City, during the sixties and seventies (and of course more about the life of Lee Radziwill).  This lovely little book, Happy Times, seems like an easy enough place to start...others of interest to me are Bals, The Guest List, New York, New York and the Party Of The Century.  I know there are a lot of other compelling reads out there on this subject, can you recommend any?


My Kitchen Dilemma
There's nothing like being cooped up in your house for several days (thank you, Nemo) to make you want to re-consider the style and design of almost every aspect of your space.  Above is a photo I snapped of my kitchen cabinets, while snowed in last Friday. Notice the painted blue bead board backs?  I've also included the 2005 cover of Martha Stewart Living that inspired me to go blue with the cabinets in the first place (beyond crazy that I still have that!)  Now, seven years later...I think I'm over this look.  Since we're having the entire adjoining family room professionally painted next month (this room has not seen fresh paint in 12 years and the walls are literally crumbling) I thought now might be the perfect time to paint the back of the open cabinets 1.white 2. a soft blue gray 3. mirrors? 4. leave them alone.  After staring at thousands of white kitchens on pinterest for the past few days to help speed this decision along...I'm really leaning towards the all white clean look. Since I'm clearly influenced by pretty kitchen photos...I've included my favorite "all white" kitchen images here. Please feel free to weigh in!


Like A Phoenix
This article in the Sunday edition of the New York Times really touched me.  It details the heartbreaking fire that tore through editor in chief of Town and Country, Jay Fielden's home (in nearby Wilton, Ct.) and the rebuild which resulted in these cozy and chic interiors. The feature goes on to explain how in addition to the architect and the original designer (Jesse Carrier) the magazine industry, also rallied around this family and generously donated so many stylish items to replace what was lost (the Louis Vuitton in the closet is from Grace Coddington.) I've changed my view on both mid-century modern homes and the top tier magazine world...prior to reading this family's story, both seemed beautiful to look at, but somewhat cold... now I see the warmth in both.

Monday's P.O.P.
playfully purple

Image via: Rue Magazine


Random Chanel Item No. 162

Nemo? Seriously? I guess we found you...I can't face another winter storm...thank goodness for weekends and red wine. Stay warm and safe everyone!

Image via:

Minor Obsessions
tee | scarf | top |

Now that I've whined about winter and tweeted up my dread of yet another snow storm, I thought I would focus on the one thing (quite possibly the only thing) that I do love about this time of year...spring fashion!  Seeing the stores start to fill up with all that the fashion world has to offer us next season is like a beacon of hope for warmer temps and sunnier days ahead.  By far, my favorite trend for spring has got to be this whole graphic black and white thing we are seeing so much of.  How can you not love a trend that you probably have so much of already in your closet? Not only that, but you can dress it up or down and mix and match these pieces all around.  I already own a small pile of these James Perse V-neck tees in both white and black and this Kelly Wearstler scarf is such a great example of the versatility involved here as it would work with so many different looks (it's on sale too!)  Although a real splurge, I'm coveting these sexy slingbacks with a subtle white bow detail.  So much to love...what trends have got you excited for spring?


Progress At Our Florida House

Back in December, while we were in Florida, even though a lot of the actual renovations still weren't finished, I jumped the gun and started accessorizing our home. Since this photo was taken, not only have I shipped a big box of accessories from down, but our contractor has thankfully been very busy finishing up some of the bigger projects there as well.  I think it's finally safe to say that we are getting close to the end zone here (which means lots of zhushing!)

Last month, our contractor sent us the photo below, of the fabulous Martinique wallpaper that finally went up in the guest bath. And, now just this week, we've gotten some images of the staircase and walls that he has been working on.  I've also included the "before" image of the original stairs and railing (which isn't even the true "before" as this was an all black railing when we purchased it). At first we thought we could get away with painting these ornate black iron rails white, but since this is an open layout and you see the rails from every angle on the first floor, it didn't work. So we replaced most of the railings with plain white dry wall, simplifying the whole overall effect and then implemented a much fresher railing, using Phoebe Howard's South Hampton home, as the inspiration for our own stairs (image included at the bottom).  I'm thrilled with the way things are shaping up and can't wait to get down there next month for spring break and see everything in person! 


Grays Lane

Poking around online can often lead to the best discoveries. An interesting article, a funny video, an appealing's those serendipitous finds that always keep me coming back for more. It's pretty amazing to stumble upon a brand new magazine from the comfort of my couch and that's exactly what happened last night.  These beautiful interiors are from Grays Lane, a "new to me" publication out of the Philadelphia area. Have you found any cool "e-stuff" lately?

Wednesday Wants

We're getting real close to finishing up all the major work in our vacation home. I hope to have some images to share, maybe as soon as tomorrow. Our contractor is sending us photos as he finishes each major step, and it's exciting to see all the progress. Only a few last purchases remain, like new lighting for two of the bathrooms. I've already convinced Mr. Zhush that mixing brass with chrome is perfectly acceptable, so it's looking like at least one bathroom will get a set of these brass it's just a question of which way we should hang them (facing up or facing down)?


Winter Blues

It seems I'm not the only one struggling with the winter blues. In fact, almost everyone I talk to lately is feeling kind of "blah." While the title of this post is a not so clever play on the predominant colors of this chic New York City townhouse, it's the amazing art that re-sparked my interest in this feature.  Designed by Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan back in 2006, the enviable collection in this home, includes favorite contemporary artists Damien Hirst and Donald Baechler, just to name a few. Revisiting these spaces with all these compelling pieces, boosted my mood quite a only beautiful art in the dead of winter can sometimes...I think a much needed art gallery field trip is in my future.


Style Stalking: Jennifer Baines Interiors

February is off to a very stylish start. It was the beautiful kitchens by Jennifer Baines Interiors, that first drew me into this extensive portfolio.  Several fresh and inspiring images later, my brief visit to this site, turned into an official are a few of my faves...

Monday's P.O.P.

partially purple

Image via: HouseBeautiful


Random Chanel Item No. 161

Hello, perfect phone case of my dreams! It's purple, it's Chanel-ish, and it doesn't cost a fortune! Score! Speaking of which, have a fan-tastic Super Bowl weekend (I'll probably be on pinterest while the rest of the family is watching;)

Minor Obsessions

It's February.  It's safe to say, despite my best efforts, seasonal s.a.d.s has crept up on me.  I'm literally counting the days until spring (I already treated myself to these cats eye tortoise shell Raybans) and now I'm ogling Spring shoes (these chic wedge sandals in particular) like it's my job.  One sleepless night this week, I discovered the Conde Nast store sells the cutest iPhone cases, who knew? Other discoveries this week of note; a design book with the promise of dazzle and some serious statement earrings, without the statement price ($32.00!). What's been catching your eye lately?
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